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This was taken from a moving vehicle – I wasn’t driving it at the time, my sister was!  I took it because the view was so far-reaching.  What a great day it’s been today, weather-wise.  Of course, there is that sky too.  Further on in the trip my sister put the roof down and I was able to take lots of cloud pictures from the backseat of the car, but I won’t bore you too much with those.

We went to Clarks Village at Street for a bit of retail therapy and this was taken on the way home along the top road.  Bridgwater’s on the far right of the picture.  I didn’t buy much, just a couple of books and a top, but came home worn out.  I haven’t caught up with the time adjustment yet. 

Gordon’s mowing the lawn for the first time this year, and if I know him he’ll be cussing at the pits created by our four rampaging cows yesterday.  Cows are just not designed for walking on boggy ground.

I’ve been on the phone for about an hour this afternoon trying to sort out my dodgy broadband connection and despite my best explanations it still comes down to who’s ‘fault’ it is.  The lady I spoke to, who was helpful it has to be said, reckons that if it’s our fault, we’ll be charged an arm and a leg for the callout, and when I tried to explain that when the ADSL light on the modem was constant, everything else worked perfectly, she remained unimpressed and still reckons it could be our fault.  Why do they always do that?  Do people become so worried about their call-out charges that they decide not to bother?  I’m sure some must as I had to think about it, but I’m convinced it’s line and not our equipment.  Providing I can connect tomorrow, I’ll let you know the outcome.

I’m off out in a minute to meet up with my cross-stitching friends, having missed out last week because of the bank holiday.


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Spring Has Sprung


The clock said it was 6.00 am when we got up this morning, but we knew it was really only 5.00 am!  So much for the clocks going forward.  It felt very early and apparently the cows agreed as they weren’t keen to rise and make their way into the parlour.

However, the sun has been shining today and our outside thermometer said it was 14 degrees, so that’s a start.  The cows obviously felt that now spring was here they should be out in the fields so they made a bid for freedom and ended up in the garden, kicking up their heels and sinking into the lawn!  Only four were brave enough to make the escape, but the rest of the herd got very excited over the whole thing and were almost besides themselves: they wanted to be out too.  They mooed encouragement and it took us a while to work out why they were so agitated.  Once the escapees had been spotted they were rounded up, given a telling-off and put back where they were supposed to be.

The photo is of an unidentified man and illustrates why you should always write on the back of photos!  I found this in a long-disused part of the house (yes, it’s an old house and we have disused bits), in a tatty frame that was protecting it from the elements (yes, some of our disused bits are open to the elements).  I’d love to know who he is, but mother-in-law doesn’t recognise him and she’s the oldest living relative we have.  He may not have been family of course as the farm was bought by Gordon’s great-grandfather in 1923 and this photo could have been abandoned long before that.  It certainly looks earlier than the 1920s.  There was another photo with it of a different unknown man, only this one has an unknown dog too! 

I’ll post that another time.

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As you might have gathered already, I have a bit of a thing for the sky!  This sunrise was taken back in November when there was frost on the ground and I was up early enough to see it.  I can’t remember the rest of the day, but the sun coming up was pretty spectacular.  Hopefully it was a better day than today.

There’s something about continuous rain, isn’t there?  It’s just so depressing.  I thought (briefly) about going out and doing something and mulled over the idea of tidying the garden, but then the rain started and after staring out the window for a couple of minutes, I gave up on the whole thing.  What’s the point of getting that wet when the garden will still be there tomorrow?

I did the washing instead, which is usually a Sunday job, but doesn’t have to be.  Not only is my tumble-drier still working, it’s actually working better than it has for a long time.  Clothes are drying in half the time.  Please don’t sue me if you throw your thermostats at the floor and nothing happens, but it was a great suggestion in my case.

My auctions ended on ebay today and were a little disappointing.  Most of the things sold, but for the opening bid.  Nothing went into the realms of “wow, I can retire now!”  I’m not sure I could do the whole ebay-thing for a living like some people.  Trying to keep fourteen items straight with names, addresses, who’s paid, and getting it all ready to go to the Post Office on Monday morning was tricky enough.  I know some people who sell way more than that in a week.

They must be organised, that’s all I can say.

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Since I’ve started this blog I’ve got into the habit of carrying my camera with me; after all, you never know what you might want to take a photo of.  This is a view from the car-park on top of the Angel Precinct where I parked today.  Just look at the blue skies.  OK, it was actually starting to do something vaguely like snowing at the time, but over St Mary’s Church spire it was bright and blue!

Alex and I went into Bridgwater as I was due for a haircut.  We browsed through Peacocks first and decided that actually, it’s a great shop, in a cheap and cheerful kind of way.  I bought some gorgeous suede ankle boots with killer heels that were reduced to a very reasonable price and treated Alex to a new pair of PJs and some conservative earrings for when she’s working.

She really is bored as she opted to come with me to Neil Bryant’s so she could chat to Neil and me while he cut my hair.

Stephanie had a German exam today and thinks she did reasonably well for the best part of it.  Let’s hope so.  She’s off to a birthday meal with her friends this evening, but at the moment doesn’t have a clue as to where or when!  I told her she’d better get it sorted out before this evening is here.

Alex and Jack have gone off to visit Lesley and Richard, ex-next-door-neighbours who took off for the mountains of Wales last year.  This will be their third stay but Gordon and I have yet to make the journey, despite invitations.  It’s always difficult to persuade Gordon to leave the farm for more than a few hours at a time and the thought of a whole weekend away makes him a bit anxious!  Daniel is sure he could cope and keeps telling him to just go, but no joy yet.  A weekend away visiting friends would be nice though.

Since we’ll be childless this evening we’re socialising with our neighbours again.  Gordon doesn’t actually know yet as this has only just been arranged, but I’ll tell him when he’s finished his daily tasks.

I’m sure he won’t mind.

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Badge of Honour?


Look what I did today.  I gave blood.  Nothing remarkable really, although I do feel a little glow each time I contribute.  That would be the blood loss, I expect!  This is my twelfth time (I think).  I got a little badge on the ceremonious occasion of my tenth donation.  Alex came with me today to keep me company, so she said, but I think she’s so bored, that even a trip to the local blood donor session is better than staying at home on her own.  She pulled some wonderful expressions and gave such a graphic description of my blood ‘spurting’ into the bag that the helpers couldn’t help laughing.  She put the sticker on my jumper then found herself one that says ‘my mummy gave blood today’ and a lovely stick-figure sketch of a lady.  She says it looks just like me!  Not so sure about the ‘stick’ bit.  The lady in charge put a bandage on my arm after I told her plasters make me itch and gave me strict instructions to leave it there for about six hours.  Fifteen minutes later I was wearing it around my wrist like a bracelet after it dropped down the sleeve of my coat!  Perhaps she should have done it a little tighter?

After the session – you know, when they tell you to go home and rest – we went and did the weekly shop in Asda.  So much for the ‘not lifting heavy things’ bit too. 

I’m not very obedient really, am I?

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I Don’t Believe It!


In the words of the legendary Victor Meldrew!  I’ve fixed my tumble drier!  OK, you might not think there’s anything remarkable in that, but the way I fixed it is incredible.  I typed ‘Creda repair’ in the internet search box and the site it came up with was called www.howtomendit.com.  I went there and typed in the name of the tumble drier – it’s a sort of forum so people ask for help and others reply with answers.

It said something along the lines of: Unplug your tumble-drier.  Take the back off.  Remove the thermostats (two little round things) and see if the ends are convex or concave.  If they’re concave, throw them on the floor several times until they’re convex again.  Put them back where they came from and re-attach the back.  This should solve it.

Flippin’ heck!  It did!  That’s got to be better than buying a new tumble-drier, hasn’t it?

This photo’s still at Wells and is one of the gargoyles in the Chapter House.  I thought it looked like William Shakespeare, but it was built before he was born.  Everything in the Cathedral has been scratched with names and initials and these gargoyles haven’t escaped, being made of soft stone. 

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Compared to yesterday, today has been a lot more interesting.  Compared to yesterday, anything would be more interesting.

I started with the milking, which is the last day until next weekend.  Daniel is back tomorrow from his extended weekend break – I bet he can’t wait.

I had birthday cards to deliver today to friends in Bridgwater, mainly because I was totally disorganised and forgot that there was a ‘postal interference’ weekend.  Consequently I didn’t get the cards posted on time and had to deliver them by hand.  No matter, it was nice to see my friends, even if it was briefly.

When Gordon heard I was off to Bridgwater he started his usual “while you’re there” routine so I ended up picking up a couple of machine belts and a new pair of wellies for him in Mole Valley.  I persuaded Alex to come along for the ride and we had lunch in Subway while we were in town.  It was OK, but …. OK!  Nothing special, although very clean.  We were both impressed with how clean it is, but then, it is new.

Once we’d got home I collected Steph from the end of the road and our ex-next-door-neighbour Mrs Ellis from the hairdressers in Highbridge.  She’d caught the bus from Taunton so she could have her hair done in the same place she’s been having it done for years – she’s 84 in April!  She was going to catch the 6.22 pm bus back this evening but Gordon wouldn’t hear of it and we drove her home.  I persuaded him to stop on the way out of Taunton for tea at the Hankridge Arms.  It was nice.  Sooner or later I’m going to have to actually have a meal here as this week so far seems to have consisted of takeaways or meals out!

I’ve decided to call this the Year of the Appliance after finding out my tumble-drier has died.  Well, actually become very ill is more like it.  It still tumbles, but the heat has disappeared.  Since Christmas we’ve had to replace our washing machine, our dishwasher, the deep-fat fryer, have the dyson repaired after it’s motor packed up, and now this.  It’s our only form of drying because we get through so many clothes here – well, two teenage girls and a farmer will do that every time.  I used to hang it out on a line, but we seem to be on a starling flight-path so that wasn’t particularly successful.

The photo – totally random!  No connection to the day at all.  It is a lovely tree though and grows in the Bishops Palace in Wells, where my sister and I went on an outing at the beginning of the month.  We went to the Palace to see the swans, but couldn’t find any!  We threw bread in the moat anyway, but all we fed were seagulls and pigeons. 

All the ducks had had enough bread for the day and rapidly swam off in the opposite direction!

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