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Last night it was a bit of a toss-up as to which sunset photo you got to see first as it was such a glorious sky.  I liked the one with that grey, smoky-looking cloud, but I liked the multi-layered look of this one too so hard luck, you get to see more than one!

We’ve all spent the day in the kind of stupor that comes at the end of two+ weeks of dashing about, or at least being committed to being on the premises in case we need to dash about.  Steph legged it as quickly as she could to Taunton with Ben for some much-needed retail therapy whereas Alex disappeared for the best part of the day, presumably doing the same.  I caught up on all the paperwork that has accumulated while my brain was too tired to get down to it and that took me up until about five o’clock.  Grrr!  Paperwork!  Anyway, now the bills are paid, the accounts are sorted, most of what needs to be finalised is and I’m reduced to a very small, unimportant heap of stuff to deal with at some time in the future.

I’m off out to meet up with my cross-stitching friends this evening as I’ve missed out on this too.  One of these days I’ll have to summon up the enthusiasm to actually doing some sewing!

I had such good intentions of giving the house a thorough cleaning, starting on the weeds in the garden and all those things that I get anxious about, but it will still be there tomorrow and at least the accounts are up-to-date.


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A poem by Jackie Boyer

“Stay with me, I need you” she said
“I need your company and conversation.
I need you to help me with my tasks.
I just need you to be here.”

“I can’t” he said. “I have things to do.
Important things that cannot wait,
Things that are maybe as important as you,
Things I must do now.”

“OK”, she said “but I’ll miss you.
I’ll miss having your company.
I’ll miss not having anyone to talk to
Or help me with my tasks”.

“Sorry” he said.
The next time he said “I can stay now.
My important things are done.
I have nothing else to do.”

“I don’t want you now” she said.
“Because you weren’t here I did my tasks alone
And I coped. I don’t need you any more.
You don’t need to stay.”

I’m not generally given to writing poems, but in the forager there’s not much else to do and things pop into my head so I thought I’d capture this while it was fresh!

By the way, we’ve finished the silage-making.  At last!

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Yesterday – silage-making.  Today – silage-making.  Tomorrow – last field for silage-making.  Hooray!

This is Gordon in his tractor with the mower.  He’s pretty good at this although yesterday he mowed enough (he said) to keep me going until 7.00 pm.  It was all picked up by 5.00 pm, but it was practically hay by the time it hit the trailer.  He came back after milking and mowed what was left so by the time we’d finished it was gone 8.30 pm.  That was a long day considering we started at 10.00 am!

Today we picked up one small field with almost double the grass compared to yesterday so I had to go slowly.  The forager can only cope with a limited amount of grass going through the blades before she starts bitchin’ and moaning, but she is an old lady.  The field was also full of gullies and gutters so it was a bumpy ride.

Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan and it doesn’t rain, we’ll be gathering in the last field.  Then it’ll be done.

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Thursday 26 June 2008

Silage making today.  All day.  Nothing broke, nothing fell off, nothing seized up – the day was good.

This bomb shelter is in the field next to the fields I’ve been driving up and down.  I presume it was there because of the factory next door, but you’d have thought by now someone might have demolished it as it serves no useful purpose.  Or are these things listed?

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We had an early start this morning to make it over to Cheddar and pick up spares.  Alex came with me for the ride and on the way home we stopped in Sanders Garden World to find a little statue for Jester’s grave.  The one she chose is of a sleeping man and if I have a chance tomorrow I’ll take a photo of it.

The mower was fixed during the morning and we carried on silage-making until 8.00 pm.  I was prepared to keep going, but it’s late by the time everything’s re-fuelled and cleaned ready for the morning.

I had a comment a couple of days ago which I gave some thought to and decided to delete, mainly because it seemed impolite, but basically implying my blog was boring.  I was going to say it’s because my life is boring, but actually my life isn’t.  I know I do similar things day after day, but that’s the nature of farming and when I decided to start a blog I never intended to thrill anyone with a daily dose of excitement.  It allows me to express myself in a more creative way than keeping a written diary and Alex tells me when she’s at University she reads it to stay in touch with what’s going on at home.  That’s all I want it to do.  At the end of some days I’m so tired I can’t think what to write anyway.  I like it that other people visit and occasionally leave comments, as I do with their blogs.  I can’t say I’ve ever read a blog and thought “this is boring”, but rather “this is different from what I do”.  Also, one person’s definition of boring is completely different from another, so if I’m boring you with my ramblings, don’t put yourself through it.

Remember what they say – if you can’t say something polite, don’t say anything at all.  Criticism’s all well and good, but if you want an exciting blog you’re probably in the wrong place!

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We actually got to do some silage making today as the forager was repaired, but after picking up the field from last Friday and another Gordon cut today, the mower broke!  It just seems we get one thing fixed and something else breaks.  Back to Cheddar for more spares in the morning.

Whilst out in the field I had to sad phone call from Alex to say her cat Jester had died.  She’d been a little off her food since the weekend and we took her to the vet on Saturday, but she got weaker.  You might remember I posted a picture of Jes on 1 April if you’re a regular visitor.  Tears all round and a very quiet house tonight.

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As you may notice, my title from now on will be the date.  It makes it easier for me to keep track of what I’m about.  Also, this entry is number 100 so a little fanfare for me!

This is a foxglove and it’s growing in my garden.  Actually there are two of them, both of which are cuttings I took from my one plant last year and overwintered in the greenhouse along with the geraniums, so even more reason to be proud of them.  I like foxgloves.

So, what have I been up to today?  Well, I decided I should go shopping for squash – drinking squash, not the butternut variety – as we’re getting through a lot when we’re in the tractors.  Before we set off again with our silage-making, it’s always best to be prepared.  We were also low on cheese.  I’m only telling you this so you know why I went to the supermarket and spent over £70 – cheese and squash!  There were one or two other things I picked up along the aisles as well as a butternut squash which we had mashed with some sweet potatoes for tea.  Sainsbury’s had lots of buy-one-get-one free offers and things did look good; yes, I went shopping without having lunch first which is always a mistake.

Gordon thinks he has mended the forager and will test it tomorrow to make sure the transmission fluid is where it’s supposed to be.  If it is, our first job will be to get down to the half-completed field and pick up the rest of the cut grass.

This evening we went to a Parents’ Welcome Evening at Bridgwater College and met Steph’s tutor-to-be.  He seems nice enough and I think she’ll get on well with him.

Just as a footnote, wanted notes on Freecycle today asked for a hot-tub (size unimportant, but must be working and in good condition), a computer, a laptop and a car – and they were quite serious.  Later on, someone posted a wanted for a large yacht with a hot-tub and jet-skis as well as a year’s berth preferably in Monte Carlo, but anywhere in the South of France would be acceptable, to which a couple of people replied saying how amusing that was, and one replied saying something like ‘you should be more courteous, people may have a genuine reason for their requests, may really need these things and if you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

Absolutely!  I’ve always said a hot-tub is one of life’s essentials!

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