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Thursday 5 November 2009

Happy Bonfire Night to one and all.  I hope the fireworks haven’t bothered your animals (if you have them) too much.  Our neighbours have been letting them off over the course of several days and apart from the odd cat tearing through the catflap at an incredible rate of knots there don’t seem to be any ill effects.  The cows are in at night now especially since it seems to have rained an awful lot during the past few nights so there isn’t a problem with a stray rocket landing on their heads.

Gordon’s mum was admitted to hospital yesterday in ‘respitory distress’ and the nurse who examined her before calling an ambulance said it might have been pneumonia.  I visited her last night in the Medical Assessment Unit at Musgrove Park Hospital and Gordon went this evening.  He tells me they’ve diagnosed something with a series of initials which he thinks may be CAPD, but then he is dyslexic!  I’m pretty sure he’s got that in the right order though and we think the PD bit stands for Pulmonary Disease.  If you know different, please let me know.

Terri and I are going to watch Bridgwater Carnival tomorrow evening and have grandstand seats for the performance.  We go every year with Dad, who generally takes along a folding chair because he finds it hard to stand for that length of time so we thought it was about time to move into the grandstand.  I think they’re under cover too so we’ll be OK if it rains.  If you’ve never heard of Bridgwater Carnival I’d recommend googling it as well as typing it into the search box at YouTube.  It’s the largest illuminated carnival in the country and we’ve been watching it since we were small.

Update: Thanks to Terri for pointing out that it’s COPD which stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  Now we know.


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