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Monday 21 December 2009

It must be getting close to Christmas as I’m getting that panicky, scrabbling around in a flap type of feeling.  It happens every year around about this time and I struggle to suppress it: I usually fail.

Since I have very little time for wrapping, writing cards and stuff, my blog has fallen behind again so I’ve decided to have a little break over the Christmas period and come back refreshed at the beginning of next year, hopefully with proper photos (they’ve kind of thinned out a bit now it’s got so cold, but I must get out more!)  You don’t want to be stuck here reading it anyway, do you?  You want to be off doing your own thing – stuffing the turkey and sipping mulled wine around an open fire.  A word of advice – don’t try and do both simultaneously as you’ll get breadcrumbs (or worse) in your alcohol!

Thanks for dropping by during the year (I’ve really appreciated your company), have a great Christmas and please call again around about January time.  I’ll be looking out for you.


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Wheat or Rice?

Sunday 13 December 2009

Yesterday Gordon, big old romantic that he is, breezed in and said “fancy coming for a ride?”  “Where?” I replied.  “Out to see how the wheat’s doing”.  “Oh.”  I was hoping for a trip to the local town at the very least, but after advising me to put on my coat he sat impatiently on the quad bike outside the front door, revving it and scowling into the distance.  I grabbed up my coat and my camera and gingerly climbed on to the back of the very muddy quad.  Off we went, with me tucked down behind him to attempt to stay warm.  It didn’t really work.

We arrived at the first field.  “Is that it?” I asked.  We looked at each other then back at the waterlogged field.  “Won’t it drown?”  I said.  Apparently not.  He assures me nature knows what it’s doing.  I think nature may have expected us to put rice in this field instead of wheat.

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And The Rain Continues

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Yesterday my father, sister and good friend of mum’s decided to visit another good friend of mum’s who’s broken her ankle and lives near Salisbury.  She’d told us all the terrible story of how she’d broken her ankle out in the paddock whilst poo-picking (I think this is a technical horsey term for um…. picking up poo) and was a long way from anywhere with her foot the wrong way round!  She crawled back through the paddock until she got to the gate where she was able to haul herself up the gatepost and yell loudly until someone heard her.  She does have a mobile phone, but it was on charge.  Isn’t that always the way?  You carry it around for weeks and the minute it looks like you might actually need it, it’s on charge!

Anyway, digressing again.  I do that occasionally, you might have noticed.  I drove to Salisbury and it rained nearly all the way.  The windscreen wipers squeaked pitifully, but there was too much spray from passing lorries to turn them off.  We drove out across the Levels between Westonzoyland and Langport where it looked like the sea had rolled in!  There was so much water that there were waves.  I’m glad we don’t have land around that way.  We arrived in the rain and had a lovely visit at her bedside, being refreshed and nourished by her very helpful husband who, it has to be said, put most people’s hostessing skills to shame.  When we came to leave, just before darkness fell, it was still raining and we dropped off mum’s friend, then dad, then headed off for home.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that my sister and I live fairly close together so I was dropping her off before continuing home.

Anyway, at the second set of traffic lights out of town there was a knock on my window which, it has to be said, nearly scared me to death!  I wound down the window and the man told me I had a flat tyre on the back!  I pulled the car into a layby and Terri and I got out to have a look at it.  “Where’s the spare?” she said.  I gave it a bit of thought and realised I had absolutely no idea.  We looked in the normal places, but it was nowhere to be seen.  Whoops.  I rang Gordon.  He knew where it was, but unfortunately it’s slung underneath the car between the rear wheels.  It was still raining heavily at this point so he offered to come and rescue us “in twenty minutes” he said.  An hour later we were still waiting, but when he did turn up he brought a little compressor thingee (like farmers do) and put air in the tyre.  After instructions on how fast to drive, I came home and he followed me, but today he took off the tyre (in the rain) and took it somewhere to be mended.  There were two punctures!  Trust me to be awkward.

We had to collect our steer (formerly known as Egbert) from the butchers today.  He was a big beast and over-age, which basically just means we pay more to have him ‘done’.   For the first time ever Gordon came with me – in fact he drove since he hadn’t had a chance to change the wheel on my car and I don’t like driving his.  I’d spent the morning cleaning our garage-based freezers in preparation for all this meat but discovered once I’d plugged them in that one wasn’t working.  It turned out that the cable had been eaten off by a rat!  A quick repair job by Gordon and it was all systems go, which was just as well as Egbert had transformed into 285 kgs of beef in assorted forms.  We brought it all into the house to sort into bags then carried it across to the garage – still in the rain.

Steak for tea!

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Organ Donation

Friday 4 December 2009

I’ve always carried a card in my purse that starts with something like ‘in the event of my death’.  I’m sure you know the one I mean as many of you probably have the same.  I also give blood on a regular basis.  This morning I had a booklet for blood donors called, appropriately enough, The Donor and in it they talk about the serious lack of donated organs.  In this modern age of technology it’s possible to register your intention to donate organs in a central database (well, about time) and you can find it here: www.organdonation.nhs.uk.  If you’re interested, get over there and add your details to the list.  I look on it as spare parts once you’re gone anyway, so you might as well do something useful with them.

I’m not that good at campaigning, but if …. ooh, two percent of you sign up at least that’ll be a couple more on the register.

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Crafting Day

Wednesday 2 December 2009

For my birthday a few weeks ago my sister gave me a promisory note with details of courses held at Musgrove Willows at Westonzoyland.  Today we went on a course to make willow crafts for Christmas.  The above is my attempt at a Christmas Wreath.  This was made entirely from scratch and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.  It’s now hanging on my front door.

This, on the other hand, is supposed to be a Christmas tree and wasn’t quite as successful.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this one yet.

We had a fantastic day though and were made very welcome.  We had soup and rolls for lunch and packed up around 2.30 pm.  Terri made big stuff like a Christmas angel and a large star to go on her wall, but I don’t have photos of those.

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