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And Shoes!

Monday 29 March 2010

I popped over to Clarks Village in Street today and spotted these (pinker than they look in the photo) shoes.  Well, I couldn’t resist, could I?  Especially as they were reduced from £79 to £19!  I’ll make sure there is at least one photo of me in my complete ensemble on Friday (the wedding is on Thursday).


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A Dress!

Sunday 28 March 2010

On Thursday Gordon and I are going to a wedding and all the guests have been requested to wear something pink as the bride suffered from breast cancer a few years ago and has since recovered.  I like this idea although neither of us had anything pink.  We’re not really ‘pink people’.  Most of my formal clothes are very dark if not actually black, probably out of complete laziness as … well, it’s easy to match!  I thought initially that I would wear black trousers with a black jacket and put a couple of breast cancer pins on the lapel.  Again, complete laziness and lack of ‘getting into the spirit’.

On Friday I went into the local Peacocks store and spotted some lovely pink ties at £5 a pair.  Perfect for Gordon, I thought to myself, even though I realised that getting him to wear ONE pink tie might be a problem and neither of them would ever be used again.  Whilst struggling with this dilemma I spotted one shirt and tie set – in pink.  It was Gordon’s size.  And it was reduced to £4!  I grabbed it up and took it to the checkout only to find it was reduced even further to £3.  Fate meant for me to buy it.

On Saturday I walked into a shop in Bridgwater and saw the most gorgeous PINK floral dress (bearing in mind that I don’t wear pink or dresses), tried it on, it fitted perfectly and looked good too so I bought it.  I put it on to show Gordon and Stephanie when I got home and although they both liked it, they agreed it didn’t look like me because they’re used to seeing me in black!  When I told Alex where I’d bought it she went to the website and picked out the exact dress even though I’d only told her it was pink!  I also found that a beautiful freshwater pearl necklace, given to me years ago and too pastel to go with anything in my wardrobe, matched the shades of pink and teal in the dress to perfection.  Sorted.

Unfortunately the dress cost slightly more than £3!

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Thursday 25 March 2010

After the frantic dashing-about of last week this week has been a bit of an anti-climax.  I purposely didn’t book anything in an effort to spend some time in the house and garden, but the rain/cold has literally confined me to the house.  I keep looking out the window to see if the sun’s out yet, but no sign of it so my recently purchased gooseberry bushes still wait to be planted.  Once upon a time I would have gone out into the rain regardless, but nowadays I can’t be bothered.  That must make me a fair-weather gardener!

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Friday 19 March 2010

Since I last wrote I’ve done the following:

Transferred data from an old computer to a new one for a friend, an all-afternoon job because the old computer was pretty old and downloaded at the slowest rate I’ve seen for a long time.  3.5 Gbs of data and about four hours later when I took the flash drive out and inserted it into the new laptop we were both fairly weary and wary of how long it would take to transfer into the new computer.  About five minutes, was the answer!  It whirred and clicked smoothly and made short work of that much data.

Had a massage as a thank-you for the above from said friend, a qualified masseuse.  It was lovely.

Went to find a freecycler only to get hopelessly lost and give up, flying home in a bit of a panic that the freecycler would think ill of me for not turning up when I said I would.  Thankfully this was sorted by way of e-mails and the freecycled item was picked up eventually.  There’s now a man in Cannington who probably thinks I’m several bricks short of a load!

Attended a Parish Council meeting so that I could stay in the room when Gordon was exiled.  Due to the fact that he’s a Parish Councillor with a prejudicial interest in the proposed wind turbines every time it’s discussed he has to leave the room.  Oddly enough they can’t ask me to leave so I just tell him what was discussed when we get home.  This week they approved the planning application for the test mast, a 60m high stick-mast which tests wind speed, etc.  There was more heated discussion.  I’m starting to get used to it, but was still shocked by the discovery of a poster with our name on it suggesting we should be ‘stopped now’.  The local folk are of the opinion that wind turbines chop up birds among their many other sins.  I’ve visited the RSPB site to see if this is true and it isn’t.  Apparently the greatest cause of bird fatality is the house cat who is responsible for the death of 55,000,000 birds a year – that’s not just ONE cat you understand, but all of them in the UK.  And yes, that is 55 million!  The RSPB are of the opinion that the bird population can easily withstand this loss because …. well, there are just so many of them.  They also reckon that climate change is responsible for more wildlife/bird/environmental damage and the only way to prevent that is for us all to embrace green energy – the sooner, the better, they say.  Love it or hate it, they do have a point.

Then it was Tuesday and during the day I waited in for my new camera which was due to be delivered somewhere between 7.00 am and 5.30 pm.  No commitment then!  It didn’t come.  I ordered it online during the weekend after receiving £80 of Amazon vouchers from what used to be Gordon’s airmiles.  We thought we’d better cash them in before they mutated into something else or ceased to be altogether and after a little bit of online research I decided on a dinky little red Panasonic Lumix.  I do have several digital cameras already but two of them are large SLRs and the third is an older large compact (oxymoron for you there).  The compact takes adequate photos, but nothing special and doesn’t really do macro at all.  I may not have mentioned this before, but I’m going to New York at the beginning of May so a good (small) camera is essential.

In the evening I went to the Weston Playhouse to see the Moscow State Circus.  There were no elephants but apart from that little disappointment the rest of it was pretty phenomenal.  The acrobats were so good that on several occasions we were stunned into silence and forgot to clap, sitting with our mouths open instead wondering how on earth they did that.  Lots of practice, obviously!

On Wednesday my camera arrived.  “Weren’t you supposed to deliver this yesterday?” I asked.  “Yeah, we had a bit of trouble” was the reply.  They really could have let me know, but I don’t suppose it occurred to them.  I charged up the battery then wandered around the place giving it a test run.  What do you think (bearing in mind that this camera is tiny)?

I liked the texture of this.

Pretty good macro and automatic too.  Since this is my favourite style of photography it was important this bit worked well.

Our weather-cock on the shed in the garden.  Unfortunately he’s not accurate as I think there’s a touch of rust there somewhere so he doesn’t swing round with the wind.  It looks nice though.

Spring must be coming – the fish are hungry.

In the evening on Wednesday I went out for a meal with friends then yesterday I drove to Cheltenham to spend the day with Alexandra.  We had a lovely day doing lunch at Nando’s, her favourite place to eat and wandering around the shops.  I didn’t think much of the traffic on the way home though and finally made it through at about 7.00 pm.

Today I’ve been catching up on work here, invoices again, the bane of my life.  Tonight I’ve been invited to a hen party for a friend who’s getting married at the beginning of April.  And I have to milk this weekend.  Plus I bought a couple more gooseberry bushes which need planting and some blackcurrants.

Phew!  I’m exhausted!

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Back Again

Saturday 13 March 2010

Well, I’m sure I must have used that title before.  Probably more than once.  My absence this time was caused by a combination of things including my slowly fading cold, a still-tender but much smaller elbow and Stephanie’s birthday.

My baby turned eighteen last Sunday.  I was quite perturbed.  I was perturbed enough when Alex had her twenty-first, but at least I still had one ‘baby’ in the house.  Now, as she keeps reminding me, she’s an adult.  She’s asked me if she now has my permission to swear!  How weird is that?  I always had trouble swearing in front of mum but this being a household of farmer-types, swearing and cussing has just come naturally.  We do mind our ps and qs when we’re in public though – well, Steph and I do (and Alex assures me she does too).

Stephanie decided she’d like a masked ball for her birthday and one was duly arranged since we’re good parents and all.  She bought herself a powder-blue ball gown then fretted that she’d be the only one there in a ball gown, but we told her it wouldn’t matter as it was her party and therefore up to everyone else to dress accordingly.  Fortunately, her gorgeous friends did not let her down and came in their finest attire complete with elegant masks and proceeded to party until midnight.  The adults eventually drifted off to the bar area where they could make conversation without having to yell.

Today I’ve been out in the garden preparing the vegetable patch for whatever I decide to plant this year.  Definitely courgettes again as they were a huge success last year.  I’m not sure about other things yet so in the meantime I’ve planted a couple of gooseberry bushes in the vicinity of the rhubarb.  I hope they grow!

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I got through to the doctors’ surgery yesterday morning using Julie’s recommended technique of hitting the redial button as soon as I got the engaged tone.  It worked within minutes, so thank you for that tip.  Even so, by the time I spoke to the receptionist at several minutes past the half hour, all the morning appointments were gone.  It didn’t matter as I was just as happy to see someone later in the day.  My course of antibiotics has been extended for another week but at double the dose which the doctor says should help considerably.  She even gave me a printout which explained what was wrong with my elbow, how it should be treated and how long it will take to improve so at least I am more informed.

My cold lingers on, but I felt so much better this morning from the moment I opened my eyes so hope it’s on its way out.  On top of that the sun was shining, so what more could a person wish for?

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