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Weekend Away

Friday 25 February 2011

I’m off for the weekend with my friends in the craft group I attend.  I’m going here to get up to all sorts of activities.  I haven’t decided what I’d like to try yet, but I suspect swimming won’t be one of them despite the encouragement of my friends.  Swimming combines several of my least favourite things – getting undressed in a public place, walking from changing room to pool in just a swimming costume, getting my face wet and then putting dry clothes over a damp body.  Some people do it for fun apparently, but I’ve yet to discover why!  I expect I’ll be having a go at the craft stuff, which is far more me.

My camera will be coming too so there’s the possibility of photos when I get back.  Have a good weekend.


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It Starts

Wednesday 16 February 2011

When we first put Ferdinand with the herd in December 2009 he was eighteen months old and keen.  Boy, was he keen.  Here he was, a mere youth, given free-rein with sixty or more willing girlfriends all interested in having his babies.  He got a little over-enthusiastic and within a month or so he’d hurt his back – well, he was only little in comparison to some of our taller ladies.  At the time he could really have done with a box to stand on!  We worried for a while that he wouldn’t recover and we’d have to resort to artificial insemination for the herd again.  However, a couple of months of relative inactivity helped and it wasn’t long after that he was straight back on the job.

Consequently, we had a flurry of calvings in August/September/October then they more or less stopped except for the odd one or two.  Dan and Gordon have calculated that March will be really, really busy with the majority of the herd due to calve then.  We had one this morning (very handsome bull calf), one yesterday morning (very beautiful heifer calf) and one the morning before that (also a bull calf).  It’s just the beginning they tell me.  The heifer calf is being bucket-fed as her mother isn’t particularly interested in feeding her although she is interested in defending her, which can make feeding times interesting.  She’s taken to the bucket without any problems so we’ll probably pick her up in a day or so and feed her in the pen.  Her mother is another Jenny and we seem to have quite a few calves called Jenny at the moment so have decided to reintroduce some of our ‘lost’ names.  Years ago there were probably about thirty different names within the herd but unless the cow has a female the name isn’t passed down.  We used to have one called Stephanie after our Stephanie, but she consistently had bull-calves so the new calf will have a name change to Stephanie.

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They’re Gone

Friday 11 February 2011

I finally had my teeth out today.  It was OK as teeth-pulling goes although the injection into the roof of my mouth certainly made my eyes water.  Once everything was numb they were out and replaced almost immediately with a plate.  Apparently this is the thing: it cuts down on swelling and shapes the gum to the damn thing from the word-go.  It hurts now the injection has worn off and is still bleeding, but it had to be done and the pain will be less tomorrow – or at least that’s the plan.

I drove up to see the girls in Cheltenham on Wednesday.  My car did not behave itself at all.  First of all it overheated on the motorway and steamed off all the water.  In truth this is probably my fault as I certainly haven’t checked it in a while and I’m told it’s a fairly important thing to do.  The girls came to rescue me in Steph’s boyfriend’s car with litres of water and by the time they got there the car had cooled down enough to refill everything straight away.  I was nervous carrying on afterwards, but the temperature stayed at a reasonable level as long as we were moving.  Traffic lights were a bit traumatic.

When I came home Alex decided to come with me so she could visit a friend the following morning.  We set off in daylight but it gradually got darker (like it does) and I switched the lights on.  No dashboard lights for the second time in a week!  Last Sunday Gordon replaced the fuse for this particular function so I had a vague idea of what was going on.  What I didn’t realise was that my rear lights were on the same circuit and it wasn’t until every car that passed flashed its headlights at me that I came to that conclusion.  What they expected me to do, I’m not quite sure, but we got very tired of being flashed at and came off at the services to think about it.  Once again I rang Gordon for help and he told me he’d put a spare fuse in the ’empty slot’ beside the broken one.  He talked me through switching it over and thankfully everything was on again.  He’s given me the packet of fuses now to keep in my car!  We were so glad to be home safely.

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Friday 4 February 2011

I’m still here and so are my teeth as a series of badly-timed coincidences have resulted in several dentist visits but no extractions.  Fortunately most of the pain is gone after my course of antibiotics and the dentist has said she’ll pull them next week.  Let’s hope so.

I’ve been dashing about all week, hence the lack of blogging.  However on one excursion I was following a dirty car (aren’t they all, at the moment including mine) and some wit had written in the dirt on the back “either clean me or plough me” which made me smile.

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