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Thursday 26 May 2011

I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film yesterday at Taunton with my friends Viv, Greg and Pippa (Orange Wednesday, apparently!).  It was in 3D.  I don’t go to the cinema very often since we’re quite a way from the nearest one so this was my first 3D film.  I bought the glasses and sat expectantly, and I have to say I was not disappointed.  I’m not sure I ever want to see a film in 2D again!  I absolutely loved it.

Isn’t technology wonderful?


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Ouch … and Yay!

Friday 20 May 2011

A while ago I offered to frame a tapestry for a lady on the Parish Council with Gordon.  She finished it seventeen years ago and had “never got around” to taking it to the framers!  Before I started I got a couple of quotes from ‘professional’ framers so I’d have a rough idea of what to charge, but it’s been a lengthy process as I don’t think she worked it on a tapestry frame which distorted it.  I googled ‘blocking a tapestry’ and followed the instructions closely which ended up with the design being lovely and straight – or as straight as it was ever going to go.  This thing is enormous at 28 inches by 22 inches so Gordon cut me a ‘blocking board’ (otherwise known as a piece of plywood) that covers the entire table.  A week or so ago I found a suitably large frame and after lacing the tapestry on to mountboard yesterday I started to frame it this morning.  The frame has those metal pegs that hold the back cover on and without thinking I ran my finger up the side to push everything down.

Result?  Sliced index finger!  Deeply and from the end to the first knuckle.  I’m not sure who got more wobbly, me or Gordon, but he pressed the cut together and stuck a plaster on it.  I’d show you, but the plaster is bloodsoaked and you might be eating!  He’s given me strict instructions.  1 – Do not take the plaster off (this is because he knows my curiosity may win me over, compelling me to peel the plaster back to see what it looks like underneath).  2 – Do not do anything too strenuous or the cut will open again before it has time to clot together.  3 – Go sit at your computer for a couple of hours to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Oh, OK then.  If I must.  He keeps popping back in to make sure I’m still here.  It’s difficult, but has to be done.  I have instructions.

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Sunday 15 May 2011

It’s that time of year again when every plant is covered with cuckoo spit.  I’m not sure about this though –

It’s more like cuckoo dribble.

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Friday 13 May 2011

I love photographing different textures so had a wander with my camera today.

Enjoy Friday 13th.  It’s just another day.

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Wednesday 11 May 2011

I’ve spent the last eleven days running behind by a day.  This is mainly due to the fact that there are only thirty days in April and my watch is non-digital so has to be manually adjusted.  The eyesight isn’t what it used to be so every time I need to know what the date is I squint at it then realise the display is wrong anyway.  No doubt I’ll get around to adjusting it soon.

In the last month I’ve reformatted three computers for friends with my sister’s computer scheduled tomorrow.  It’s odd how these things run in cycles as I haven’t had any calls regarding computers for a long time and suddenly everyone’s computer is playing up.  My friend in Bridgwater rang me when her computer refused to start at all, leaving her staring at a black screen which told her that the boot files were corrupted although she’s still at a loss as to how that happened.  One minute it was working, then it wasn’t.  It is now although I had to give it a strict talking-to.  Gordon’s computer picked up a virus which over-ran everything and froze up the computer so we started again from scratch there too.  I spent all day yesterday reconnecting things and reinstalling them.  Several years ago he expressed a desire for a USB turntable so he could copy his extensive (and really old) collection of LPs on to the computer before getting rid of them.  After a bit of half-hearted fiddling he gave up trying to make it work, declaring it ‘stupid’, and it’s sat there gathering dust ever since.  Yesterday I got it working and copied one side of the first LP I could find, which bizarrely was a Wombles LP – not Gordon’s obviously, but mine.  I’m trying hard to think of a defence for why I even had a Wombles LP, but nothing springs to mind!

I’ve spent more time in the garden planting courgettes, lettuces, runner-beans and lots of flower seeds.  I’ve also done hanging baskets this year – something I have never bothered with before.  I’m still mystified about why I feel so motivated this year, both with the house and the garden, but perhaps it’s because now the girls have moved out I’m kicking around on my own for longer periods of time.

Gordon is also quite motivated at the moment and has worked on the hall almost every evening.  He’s put new skirting board up as well as a new door into the hall and there isn’t too much left to do until we’re finished.  I’m quite excited by this prospect, not least of all because we’ll be able to get other parts of the house back to normal.

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It’s Back

Thursday 5 May 2011

We’ve just come back from collecting it.  What, I hear you ask?  The car!  THE CAR!  I’d almost forgotten what it looked like and certainly what it felt like to drive, but managed to get home in one piece and park it up.  I have mixed feelings about its return, mainly because of how much it’s just cost us to have repaired.  The invoice runs into two pages of parts, a large percentage of which had to imported from America for goodness sake!  That’ll teach me to buy an unusual car.  On top of that, the empty-tank symbol is flashing on the dashboard so I can’t take it anywhere without going via a petrol station.  In total I think it was in the garage for eight or nine weeks, but I definitely lost track.  Oh well.

On a different subject, the garden’s coming along nicely and things are planted.   Likewise the hall has finally been wallpapered, the laminate flooring is down and most of the skirting board has been replaced.  It’s still not finished, but getting there.   I’ve been busy in all kinds of directions.  Once it’s done completely I’ll take a photo so you can compare before and after pictures.

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