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Merry Christmas

Friday 23 December 2011

Much to my delight both the girls will be home for Christmas as well as Mike, Alex’s boyfriend, as his parents live in Australia and it’s a long way to go for a couple of days!  I hope everyone has a good, peaceful and happy Christmas Day with those they love.

I’ll be back afterwards.


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Thursday 15 December 2011

Our vet came back today to examine the cows for a reaction to the TB test on Monday.  Of the whole herd, one was inconclusive so we’re now restricted in our movements (not a problem since nothing’s due to calve for a month and we don’t plan to buy anything) as well as having to test the cow again in two months.  In all honesty we’ve had this before and it usually turns out to be nothing, so let’s hope this is the case when she is tested again.

I visited my friend Mrs Ellis today.  This has become a weekly occurence and at the beginning of the visit she’s very pleased to see me.  I don’t stay overlong because she gets tired so quickly and lapses into lengthy ‘blank’ moments where she stares into space, but even when she is making conversation there isn’t much that makes sense.  It’s very sad to see.

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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Alex and Steph came home this weekend for a rest and to decorate the lounge ready for Christmas.  When they were putting the lights on the tree Steph got an electric shock which left her with a blistered hand and in darkness as the rest of the house fused.  She had a metal ring on which touched a bare wire which had pulled out of the plug end and luckily Gordon has the fuses set so fine that that was enough to trip the master switch.  Fortunately blisters were the extent of it although there were some accompanying tears but it could have been so much worse.

Never one to dwell on a drama I’m hoping she’s over it now and the tree looks lovely.  I’m sure it’s better because the girls put it up rather than me!

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TB Testing

Monday 12 December 2011

Several years ago our TB test switched from once every four years to an annual event due to a reactor found in a local herd.  Although our herd is enclosed, which means we rear our own, we still have to comply with the regulations so this morning Mike our vet came to conduct the test.  It involves running every animal over six weeks old, which in our case is all of them, through the crush so he can measure the skin thickness on their neck then injecting them to see if the thickness changes in a space of seventy-two hours.  My job is generally writing his readings down.  Luckily today the weather held although it got colder and colder as the test went on, but in previous years we’ve done it in freezing conditions or torrential rain so I suppose we can’t really complain.

Now all we have to do is test them again on Thursday to see if there is a reaction.  All farmers will know that during this time we keep everything crossed for a negative reaction!

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