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Camera Repaired!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

I had a phone call yesterday to let me know my camera was mended and ready to be collected.  I am impressed with the effeciency of the London Camera Exchange in Taunton.  I don’t know if they’re all this quick off the mark, but I can’t wait to get my camera back and start taking photos again.


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Camera Repair

Sunday 27 May 2012

Since we went to Wales last year I’ve had a problem with my bestest camera.  I assumed it was a grain of sand which had somehow worked its way inside and was showing on each photo.  Most of the time it wasn’t particularly visible, but when the background was completely blank such as painted wall or the sky it meant I had to retouch the photo.  I rang Sony and they told me their nearest store was in Cheltenham and they would be prepared to have a look at it for me so the last time we visited the girls I took it.  The guy in the shop was quite patronising, advising me that changing my lens on the beach was a bad idea, even though I’d already told him no such thing had happened.  He assured me this was the only way anything could get inside but when I asked if they could fix it, he immediately declined and suggested I took it to my nearest London Camera Exchage, which as it turns out is a whole lot closer than Cheltenham.

On Thursday, when the weather was so glorious for the first time in a while we went for a walk around the farm in the evening then sat in the garden until it was dark.  My camera came too of course, as it tends to, especially since the blue tits are back in our wall above the patio door.  Even though we were there for ages, it was very tricky to actually catch them going in and out so this is the best one I was able to take.

We sat under the eucalyptus tree in the garden.  It’s a nice tree but constantly peeling bark and dropping leaves.

Just before we went in I took a picture of the moon where the spot on the camera is quite obvious.

The following day (after viewing the photos) Gordon and I took it to Taunton to be mended.  The man in the London Camera Exchange was a lot more helpful and suggested that rather than sand, it looked like pollen.  Once he said that it made perfect sense as originally the spot on my photos was a black dot which has gradually altered over time to become a bigger circle.  He said it will take about a week to fix unless they’re not able to do it there, in which case they’ll send it away.

In the meantime I keep getting the sensation that I’ve lost something!  Isn’t it weird how we come to rely on things like cameras?

This is a cropped photo of the moon with the offending mark removed.

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Monday 21 May 2012

As you can see, whilst drinking our tea yesterday morning, Alex started investigating my new phone and its interesting apps, and before I knew it she’d published a post on my blog.  She’s gone back to Cheltenham again now as she’s back to work tomorrow, so for the timebeing I shall be writing my own again.

She was only able to visit for a whole day plus the end of Saturday and the beginning of today.  It was nice to see her though.

Last week Steph came home for a slightly longer period as she’s in the middle of revising for her last exam of the year and is finding the constant noise in Cheltenham too distracting.  You can tell she’s a country girl!  The thing she finds the worst is the noise of people shouting, and in some cases arguing in the surrounding houses.  By the time she went back she was totally chilled.

I’ve been crafting, gardening and even (surprise, surprise) baking.  Strangely enough I’ve started to enjoy doing that again.

My sister and I went to the walled garden in Cannington today.  We’ve lived near all our lives but never been there.  An app on the phone threw it at me this morning as a ‘local attraction’ so we made the trip partly fuelled with the knowledge that there was a tea room there too.  Once we arrived we had lunch then spend a pleasant hour or so mooching around the garden in the sunshine.  It’s been a while since there were flower photos here and it’s about time to remedy that.

The garden was themed into colours.

The smell in this greenhouse was beautiful, like parma violets.

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Alex here!

Alex here. Mum has been rubbish with her blog. So as she has a wordpress app I am typing this quickly to fill up some time whilst we drink tea. Which is a very british thing to do!
Hope all is well!
Alex x

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Friday 11 May 2012

Well, luckily it didn’t rain today for the funeral, much to my surprise.  There were lots of people there for a well-respected man.  It’s always much sadder when a friend is younger.

Anyway, on our return I was able to take a look around the garden to see what had blown over/drowned in the rain and found this.

At first I thought one of our cats or even a fox was responsible but on closer inspection I could see the feathers had been clipped off rather than plucked.  This usually indicates the hunter was a bird of prey as they nip off the feathers before eating their victims and it was most likely a buzzard.  We have lots of them around here.

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Panic Not

Thursday 10 May 2012

I am still alive.  I just don’t have anything to say at the moment.  This is unusual for me, but I’ve done nothing, been nowhere.  The weather has me peering dolefully out the window, wishing it would stop long enough for me to do a bit of gardening or even wander around town to relieve the boredom.  It doesn’t.  It just keeps raining.

Normal service will no doubt resume shortly, especially if the sun comes out for five minutes to lift my spirits.  We’re off to a funeral tomorrow and it’ll probably rain then as well.

Hurry up summer!  We’re waiting …….

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