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Bad, Bad Blogger

Where have I been?  I don’t know, but obviously not here.  Normal service will be resumed once I can get my head around the fact that winter has arrived with a vengeance and it’s dark so early in the evening.  Add to that the fact that Gordon’s just informed me it’s raining again and we still haven’t got the maize cut despite the fact that it’s very, very dead, and life down on the farm is pretty gloomy.

Is it too early in the winter to be suffering from sunlight-deprivation?


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Personally, I’ve had more than enough of it!  We have maize in the field waiting to be cut and hopefully we’ll be able to salvage that before it’s had it.  It didn’t have the best of starts to be honest and grew in an interesting shade of yellow due to the excessive rain.  At the beginning of last year we were despairing about whether the 2011 crop would even germinate and this year we’re worrying that it’ll drown.  Gordon still talks optimistically about a second-cut of silage, but I can’t see that happening either.

We had to have Tiger put down last week and are still missing him a great deal.  Thomas especially keeps looking for him beside the Aga, but he’d reached the stage where there was no way he was ever going to improve.  I think he might have had something like leukaemia.  Since Gordon and I are both fairly wimpy when it comes to having animals euthanised, Daniel volunteered to take him to the vets for us and I was fine with that – until he brought him back afterwards.  I’d kind of resolved to be hard-hearted about the whole thing – after all, it was for the best – but I was under the impression the vet would keep him there.  Apparently they charge for that so Dan brought him home again.

Gordon had a birthday this weekend and both the girls came home for a few days for the occasion.  They bought him a little remote-control helicopter and a blu-ray disk.  He’s played with the helicopter a lot already and had to recharge the very small battery about ten times.  I bought him a pocket camcorder – dangerous really since it just fuels his paranoia!  He’s now talking about hiding it in his pocket and filming people when they’re talking to him.  As we often say here – “just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean he’s wrong” even though he occasionally is.  It keeps him occupied, bless him.

I’ve been playing with my new camera and taken some very long-distance stuff as well as trying out the macro.  So far it’s an impressive camera.

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