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Four Weeks (Apparently)

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Wherever I’ve looked today I’ve seen reminders that Christmas is only four weeks away.  For some reason the statistic bothers me more than anything else – I think it’s designed to instil a sense of panic, but I tell myself to stay calm and keep chipping away at the Christmas shopping.  I’ve been buying presents as I see them for a couple of weeks now and feel like I’m on top of it, although I’ve still to buy Christmas cards.  Since postage is now so horribly expensive I wonder if people will notice if I don’t send any.  I’ve been sending cards to some people for the best part of twenty years and haven’t seen them in all that time!

I decided yesterday that Christmas could come early for our goldfish who live in the kitchen.  When their old tank was damaged I used one that Alex had left behind.  Unfortunately it was too tall to fit under the wall units so had to be put in front the window but this encouraged algae growth until we could no longer see them.  Each time I cleaned the tank it got harder as the algae ate into the plastic and pitted it, so in a moment of reckless expense I bought them a proper glass aquarium with a filter and light.  It is nice to see them again and they seem quite happy to be once again looking out into the world.

I haven’t quite sorted out the plug situation yet as we don’t have a lot of sockets in the kitchen (old houses, gotta love them!) so I’m using an extension lead for the timebeing.  Can you still buy those double plug adapter things?  I need one of those, but it has to be sideways as the cupboard is very close to the socket.


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All Clear!

Thursday 22 November 2012

The vet visited again this morning, checked over the herd and gave them the all clear.  Hooray.  At least we won’t have to go through the fuss of last year when we had an inconclusive result.

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That Time Of Year Again

Monday 19 November 2012

This morning at half-past ten we had our annual TB test with a new vet called Lisa.  There were a couple of small dramas, but other than a lump on her head where she came up under the handle on the crush and a cut finger, it all went reasonably smoothly.  For some reason the cows had a bit of a panic and piled up against the gate with several falling down and others falling on top of them, something I don’t think I’ve ever seen here before, but the gate was opened and we ran them through the milking parlour to ease the congestion then started again.  Luckily they all escaped intact other than a couple of scrapes and a lot of mud all over them.  The heifers and calves were perfectly behaved and walked calmly through the crush without a fuss.  Even Floyd was good.  Gordon was able to get into the crush with the smaller ones and held their heads against him whilst Lisa snipped two patches of hair, measured the thickness of the skin and gave them two jabs, one in each clear spot.  The weather was cold and drizzly, but once again the rain held off until we were finished at 3.30 pm.  We were cold by the time we came in though.

She’s coming back on Thursday to check on the results.  Same as last year – fingers crossed please.

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Thursday 15 November 2012

A while ago whilst reading a Somerset Life magazine, my sister decided it would be good to follow-up on an article called something like ’20 tearooms to visit in Somerset’.  Consequently we’ve visited four or five in places we wouldn’t normally visit.  This has been quite exciting for me since I don’t get out much and I’ve seen lots of interesting things.  Terri is more blase about the whole thing as her husband is the sort of chap who likes to take long walks along seafronts or through castles.  As you may have gathered by now, Gordon is not.  He simply can’t see the point so unless I go with someone else (in most cases my sister, it has to be said) I don’t go at all.  I could go on my own of course, but where’s the fun in that.

Last week we went to Weston-super-Mare.  I’ve been there often, but not where we went this time.  I don’t remember ever having been there, but I have a terrible memory and Terri assures me I have.  I still found it enjoyable.  We went up to the far end of the town and parked near the Birnbeck Pier, which is sadly derelict even though it still has the lifeboat station on it.  There’s a narrow stretch of the pier that’s repaired so the lifeboat people can get out to it.


We then walked towards Knightstone Pier across what I believe is called The Causeway.


Once we were at the other pier we found the tearoom, Dr Fox’s Tearoom and ordered a cream tea.  Well, you can’t go to tearooms as a hobby and order something boring, can you?

The girls are currently on their way home for my birthday weekend so I’d better disappear again.  I’ll try not to leave it quite so long next time!

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