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Four Weeks (Apparently)

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Wherever I’ve looked today I’ve seen reminders that Christmas is only four weeks away.  For some reason the statistic bothers me more than anything else – I think it’s designed to instil a sense of panic, but I tell myself to stay calm and keep chipping away at the Christmas shopping.  I’ve been buying presents as I see them for a couple of weeks now and feel like I’m on top of it, although I’ve still to buy Christmas cards.  Since postage is now so horribly expensive I wonder if people will notice if I don’t send any.  I’ve been sending cards to some people for the best part of twenty years and haven’t seen them in all that time!

I decided yesterday that Christmas could come early for our goldfish who live in the kitchen.  When their old tank was damaged I used one that Alex had left behind.  Unfortunately it was too tall to fit under the wall units so had to be put in front the window but this encouraged algae growth until we could no longer see them.  Each time I cleaned the tank it got harder as the algae ate into the plastic and pitted it, so in a moment of reckless expense I bought them a proper glass aquarium with a filter and light.  It is nice to see them again and they seem quite happy to be once again looking out into the world.

I haven’t quite sorted out the plug situation yet as we don’t have a lot of sockets in the kitchen (old houses, gotta love them!) so I’m using an extension lead for the timebeing.  Can you still buy those double plug adapter things?  I need one of those, but it has to be sideways as the cupboard is very close to the socket.


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