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Saturday 16 February 2012

Are you humming the song now?

I’m still waiting for my back to become less painful.  Last night we went out for a meal with my father, his partner, my sister and her husband and by the end of the meal I had trouble standing again.  I feel about a hundred and fifty.  My sister suggested perhaps I should find some form of exercise to ease it – well, I think I found that this morning with the milking.  It hurt like mad when I started but after reaching under cows for an hour I was starting to limber up.  Once I stopped it stiffened again so unless I make milking a full-time occupation I think I’ll just have to carry on waiting for it to improve on it’s own.  A visit to the doctors has been suggested, but they’ll probably just tell me it’s muscular and to take ibuprofen combined with painkillers so there’s not much point as that’s what I’m doing already.


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Catch Up

Thursday 14 February 2013

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day.  There, I’ve said it.  I was determined I wasn’t going to, but wherever I’ve looked on the web today there it’s been: hearts, roses, cupcakes (when did that become romantic?) and various cutesy fluffy things.  We ‘did’ our Valentine’s Day yesterday as Gordon was convinced that every restaurant in the vicinity would be fully booked today and he’s probably right.  We went out for a meal, ate too much, he complained that his steak was definitely not rare as requested and we came home again for coffee.  I think next year we may even give it a miss altogether.  If there was a Valentine’s Day equivalent of ‘Bah, Humbug’ we might just use it.

I’ve had a blood test and apparently my thyroid results are ‘borderline’ which means I have to have another one in three months.  I had a letter from the doctor which explained absolutely nothing so rang the surgery for clarification but they were unable to help although they did give me the option of a doctor ringing me back.  I’m assuming if it’s a problem they’d want to see me sooner than in three months.  It might explain why I’ve been so forgetful lately though – or could that just be old-age?

I put my back out last Saturday (another old-age related thing I suspect) and have been walking around like Max Wall since then.  The pain has travelled up my back during the week and yesterday I could barely stand although the pain disappeared when I was sat down.  Today it’s easier so I’m hoping that by the weekend I’ll be back to normal.  My sister and I went to Cheltenham on Monday (with the aid of strong painkillers for me) to meet the girls for lunch.  It was so good to see them again and we also met Nellie, Alex’s ten-week-old kitten that Alex is training to ‘fetch’.  She’s like a dog, tearing off down the hallway after a ball, bringing it back in her mouth and dropping it for Alex to throw again.  If the ball isn’t picked up straight away she even taps it closer with her paw!  She’s very sweet.

We’ve had a couple more calves, one last week (a bull calf) and one this morning (a heifer).  I hurt my back feeding the bull calf but it wasn’t his fault as I twisted it climbing into the pen.  The heifer is called Tiny after her mother and we’re calling the bull Junior as his mother is June.  He’ll probably stay here to be reared for beef and to keep Felix company when he’s a bit older and needs to be separated from the heifers.  We also sent a steer off for slaughter this week and are expecting the meat back in about three weeks.  As usual we have very mixed feelings about this, especially since this chap was an orphan so was bucket-fed from the very beginning, but at least we’ll know what we’re eating!

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