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Off to Okehampton

Thursday 14 March 2013

Early tomorrow morning I’m off with my craft group to the Manor House Hotel in Okehampton like we’ve done for the previous two years.  This year I’ve given it a bit more thought and am hopefully organised with ideas of the crafts I want to do.  I have a picture for inspiration with creative embroidery and peel-off stickers for sand-blasting glass as well as a few photos on a USB stick in case I decide to put something on a mug, coaster or something similar.  I also think I’d like to do a bit of silk painting so have been swotting up on good ideas on Google.

I’m taking my swimming costume (which rarely sees water) in case I fancy a swim.  Personally I can’t see it happening as I’m a bit like a cat when it comes to water, but I’m also easily talked into things so might be persuaded if others are going.  Unfortunately I don’t possess a pair of trainers but anticipate using my recently bad back (which is much better by the way) as an excuse not to take part in anything too strenuous such as badminton, but I am taking my camera so will be quite happy to wander off with it should the weather be good.

Gordon will be here and Dan has agreed to work over the weekend so I’m sure they’ll be fine.  I’ll be back late on Sunday evening so will catch up with you all next week.


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Tuesday 9 March 2013

The girls came home with their partners on Friday evening to a steak supper excellently prepared by Gordon who has completely hijacked the kitchen lately after discovering he likes to cook.  On Saturday evening we had a gathering with friends and family and I prepared a buffet of a roast ham, a massive piece of beef, roast potatoes and bits to go with it.  There wasn’t much left afterwards and the meat was eaten in bread rolls for breakfast on Sunday morning.

My sister and her husband joined us on Sunday for a roast beef lunch and we spent the rest of the day lounging around chatting.  Alex’s partner Mike celebrated his 30th birthday so there was even more cake following two from the day before – one for Steph and one for my father since they share a birthday.  By the end of the day we decided we’d definitely eaten too much beef!

There were lots of birds around the feeder in the afternoon as well as one really persistent blue tit that spent most of the day fluttering up and down the window before landing on a twig in the planter outside, walking to the top of the twig, flying away and coming back again within a few seconds.  I’m pretty sure it’s looking for insects against the glass, but this has been going on for weeks now and starts as soon as the sun comes up.  Consequently I’m woken every morning by the sound of a small feathery body hitting glass!  I took a few photos through the window of both the blue tit and a rare sight in our garden, a woodpecker who’d come down for the peanuts.



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Happy 21st

Friday 8 March 2013

Yesterday was Stephanie’s 21st birthday.  She went out celebrating and I pined for the loss of my ‘baby’.  I even had a dream about her and Alex the night before when they were toddlers.  I’m not saying those days were easy, just that I kind of miss that unconditional love that toddlers give you.  I’m fortunate in knowing they both still love me but now they’re adults in their own right so love other people too.  Having said that, I’m thrilled they’ve both turned into such gorgeous, independent creatures.  Steph was spoiled rotten by her boyfriend with countless presents and a cake yesterday and both girls plus partners are coming home this evening so she can be spoiled by everyone else.  I’m really looking forward to it.

My back problem is now reduced to a feeling something like a cross between pins-and-needles and cramp down the back of one leg.  I can hear my grandmother’s voice about how the pain has ‘travelled’!  It means I limp if I walk quickly but I’m sure it won’t last forever – at least I hope it won’t last forever!

We sent a steer away a couple of weeks and he was collected at the beginning of this week so is now tucked away in our two garage freezers.  Gordon was convinced we should find another freezer from somewhere but we’ve managed to get it all in the two.  There are burgers and sausages as well as a fresh supply of steak which we haven’t had for a while.  Oddly enough, this batch was labelled with such things as ‘pot roast’ and ‘chuck’ which I have to say doesn’t mean much to me, but the butcher explained that was just another name for brisket!  I know how to cook brisket, but am strangely worried about cooking a pot roast.  With the Aga it all gets cooked in much the same way anyway!

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