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Are You Sure?

Friday 28 June 2013

A while ago I had to go to the doctors for a blood test and although the reason I was having it turned out to be negative, the doctor was ‘concerned’ that my thyroid level was borderline and suggested I went back for another blood test three months later.  The three months was up at the end of May, but I felt fine so wasn’t overly concerned.  However, I thought I should get round to it eventually and last week made it to the doctors to have blood taken.  On Monday afternoon the surgery rang me to arrange a time for the doctor to ring me to discuss my results.

As you can imagine, this threw me into a bit of a panic!  Surely the doctor wouldn’t ring me if my results were fine?  Ring me she did however on Tuesday morning to discuss the fact that my thyroid levels were now overly high!  Apparently the levels should be between 12 and 22, and mine were 37.  This means that I’m suffering from hyperthyroidism and although she explained the obvious symptoms she said she’d leave a leaflet in the reception for me so I know what I’m suffering from.  So, here’s the mystery – I don’t have any of the symptoms.  I have now been referred to an endocrinologist for further tests, but have telephoned the surgery to ask if they could arrange another blood test so I’m sure they’re right.  I’m supposed to be restless, nervous, emotional, irritable, sleeping poorly and always on the go.  As I explained to the doctor, I can sit still for hours.  My two main hobbies are cardmaking and cross-stitch, both of which require patience in abundance.  I only ever get irritable if I’m hungry and a biscuit usually sorts that one.  I sleep like a log from the moment I get into bed until it’s time to get up (six o’clock this week as Dan’s gone to Glastonbury).  There’s a very long list of other symptoms but the one that I wish I did have, but haven’t, is losing weight despite an increased appetite!  In other words I can eat what I want and still lose weight – except I don’t.  Typical, isn’t it?  I’m also supposed to have a (possible) swelling in my throat and my eyes may become more pronounced.

I suppose it’s possible these symptoms could still develop so I’ll keep you informed.  In the meantime I feel completely normal – well, as normal as I can be.


I thought you might like to see this picture of a dragonfly I took on Monday.  At least I think it’s a dragonfly.  If it isn’t, do let me know what it is.  It’s pretty, isn’t it?


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