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Monday 21 October 2013

After a painful week and many hospital/doctor visits it’s been determined that my muscle spasms aren’t a result of the thyroid medicine but are the direct result of a slipping (but not fully slipped) disk caused by sciatica and pressing on nerves.  Well, I knew I had that, but never gave it another thought especially in relation to my leg and they tell me it’s called referred pain.  I’ve been resting as much as possible, have gone back on the thyroid medicine as well as beta-blockers now since at the height of the painfulness my pulse rate hit almost 120 and my blood pressure was equally scary.  I’m a bit put out, to be honest.  I always thought I was fairly healthy and yet all these things have been going on inside me without my knowledge.  Miffed is a good description.  Although the agony part of the pain has gone I’ve been left with a dull ache from my hip to my knee and a slight weakness in the muscle that causes it to buckle unexpectedly, usually when I’m going up the stairs.  I haven’t milked for two weeks which means that Dan has had to, but fortunately he’s been available to step in.  I went to a craft fair yesterday because I usually enjoy them (Gordon drove me as it wasn’t too far away) but after about an hour of trying to summon some enthusiasm, cope with being upright for that length of time and jostling with crowds of pushy women I admitted defeat and we came home.  Today I’m going shopping with Terri and will probably stick some painkillers in my bag just in case even though she promises we can stop frequently.  I have a vast collection of painkillers now all with varying degrees of strength although I have deliberately tried not to take them unless absolutely necessary.

On top of all that, winter has arrived with a vengeance so I’m thinking of hibernating, curled in a ball until it’s warmer again.  It’s typical that my ‘hot spell’ happened when it was warm outside anyway.  It would have helped with the winter – like central heating.


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Resistance Is Futile

Monday 14 October 2013

Do you remember back in June when I got the first results back from the doctors to say I had an overactive thyroid?  Things have moved along since then with several visits to Endocrinologists at a nearby hospital.  The first one gave me a selection of tablets and although I went to the Pharmacy and got them, I wasn’t keen on taking them as I still had no symptoms.  However, much to my disgust, the symptoms started to appear gradually until I could no longer deny something was up.  The first one was the overpowering heat and my inability to regulate my temperature.  Whew!  I felt like I was being boiled.  The second was the pounding of my heart working far harder than it should.  This was rather unpleasant as I could feel the blood rushing about.  I went to see another specialist on Monday and he told me off for not taking the tablets as I could permanently damage my heart, so I decided perhaps I should give in and start taking them.  By day four (Thursday) I was beginning to feel a real difference and cussing myself for not taking them sooner.  However, that evening my right leg felt like it was going to explode and the pain was so excruciating that Gordon rang for an ambulance.  They wouldn’t send one, but they did send a GP who said it was muscle spasms possibly caused by the very tablets I was taking to make me feel better.  This meant, of course, that I’ve had to stop taking them.  I spent Friday and Saturday in bed feeling like death warmed up dosed up with diazepam to relax the muscles and something to take down the swelling.  It wasn’t working and another visit was made to the out-of-hours GP at the hospital.  He gave me tramadol and something he said would knock me right out so I could sleep.  I slept on Saturday night but last night I lay awake wishing it would just stop.  Sadly, it hasn’t and my leg muscles are still in spasm.  At least I’m able to get out of bed, but not really able to walk about as after ten or so steps the muscles are so tight that I’m grumbling and groaning.  I worried that it was a blood clot or something but they’ve assured me it isn’t and all I can do is wait for it to go away.  Gordon’s been brilliant, bringing me supplies on a regular basis and Dan worked for me at the weekend, but I’ve had enough of it now.

I hope it goes soon.

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