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Whilst washing down the milking parlour this morning I had a bit of a brain flash.  I often do when I’m washing down because I do it on automatic pilot more often than not so my brain is free to ramble off and talk to itself.  Since Gordon and I have been together, every time we have an occasion be it Christmas, birthday or anniversary and I unbox a shop-bought cake, my mother-in-law always – and I mean ALWAYS without fail – asks “did you make that yourself dear?”  I usually reply with “of course, then I boxed it up and have just now unpacked it”, to cover the fact that the question has irritated me and made me feel like a ‘bad’ housewife.  I suddenly realised this morning that in the whole time I’ve known her – some thirty years – I have never seen her make a cake or been offered a home-made cake.

No more guilt-trips for me!


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Here’s Me

I fancy this year is passing way too quickly for my liking – oh, happy Valentine’s Day by the way.  I didn’t give or receive at all this year, but I’m one half of an old married couple so it’s OK.  I still haven’t done anything other than shelter from the weather and diet.  I have dieted since the beginning of January and by the time I go out in public again – maybe in the summer when the weather warms up and the flood waters recede – I shall be a lot smaller.  I’m on a very low calorie diet – yes, one of those where you eat soups, shakes and bars – feel free to criticise my decision if you must since some people have (in fact a few months ago I may have been one of those people) but with the onset of my thyroid problem and its accompanying medication I’ve had a bit of trouble controlling my weight.  I piled on a lot very quickly so decided drastic measures were necessary and I have to say, I feel fantastic on this diet.  The weight has dropped off and already (in five weeks) I’ve lost two stone, making me lighter than I’ve been for a long time.  I checked my Slimming World book and in the whole time I was going to the meetings (a year from 2008 to 2009) I lost a stone and a half and still ended up a stone heavier than I am now so I’m quite pleased.

I’m getting withdrawal symptoms from my camera and my craft stuff but the weather has been so hideous that I haven’t felt like going outside unless absolutely necessary.  I’m working on becoming a hermit, even to the extent of paying for my grocery deliveries on a quarterly basis so I don’t have to go into the store and actually look around.  This helps with the diet too, to be honest, as I can choose whatever Gordon would like to eat/drink without considering anything for me.  I’m always a sucker for the smell of warm bread or the deli counter (hmmm, deli counter) and tend to fall at the first hurdle.  Steph came home last weekend and discovered my lemon shortcake stash – untouched but calling me, so she kindly finished off the last couple so I wouldn’t be tempted.  Wasn’t that kind?  I have eaten ‘real’ food on occasion, but have been very careful and chosen low calorie stuff.  At the beginning I decided I wouldn’t punish myself too much especially if it was a social occasion, but have found it surprisingly easy to manage.

I’ll try and remember to update my blog regularly now my medication has properly kicked in!  I’m feeling better able to concentrate lately and am more motivated, but this means I do other things rather than spend hours on the computer, so the poor old blog gets neglected.

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