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We’ve finally started silage making since the weather has dried out the ground.  I think it’s forecast to rain at the end of next week, but so far, so good.  We have a new driver, someone we’ve never met before, called George.  George knows his tractors and is in the right time at the right place.  So far it’s been smooth and since I don’t know him I don’t have to stop for pleasantries in case he gets offended by our lack of interaction.  We’re on day three today and are about sixty acres down with minimal breakdowns.  Bring it on.

Before we started I went for a stroll to say hi to Felix.  Do you remember Felix?  Here he is as a baby.  He’s grown a bit since then and is currently mooching around spare bits of waste ground keeping the grass down with a small group of steers for company.  This is early afternoon and they’re chilling in the sun.  He’s got pretty big but still thinks he’s a baby and loves the attention.  That’s my fault for mothering him I suppose – cute when he was little but now I’m not so sure as he comes galloping towards me.  On this occasion he just lay there and gazed at me since it was too much effort to get up.





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