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Silage Done

Well, that’s the second cut of silage out of the way.  We managed to get it in just before the weather changed and it would appear that autumn has well and truly arrived although I think it’s forecast to be warmer again next week.  This is good news to me as I’m going away for a few days to stay in my friend’s caravan at Durdle Door.  The last time I was there in May 2013 it rained almost constantly and was cold so I’m hoping for better weather this time.


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Miss Me?

Hello again.  Did you wonder where I went?  Did you miss me at all?  I hope so otherwise there’d be no point in me coming back even if it is for just today.

Let’s talk internet – or severe lack of it.  In the past year my BT internet has gone from pretty bad to truly crappy and had genuinely reached a stage where I just couldn’t be bothered to even try to connect.  It was good from late evening until perhaps six in the morning but at all other times it dropped, hung and all those other irritating things internet does.  I was on the phone a lot to BT but most of the time they told me that it was in my imagination or my own fault for living outside the range of my nearest exchange.  In the end I gave it all up as a bad job and left it alone.  In other words, I went away and did other things.  Eventually of course I needed it for work since everything is done online nowadays but after losing the plot one afternoon and getting on to the BT helpline immediately afterwards they sent yet another engineer to “see whether the fault was with our equipment, in which case we’d be charged the equivalent price of what five bull calves are currently selling for”.

This guy was dour – really really dour with no sense of humour at all – but he spent the day going backwards and forwards to the exchange, up and down poles, and in and out of exchange boxes.  When he first came he actually ripped the box off our wall because one of the screws was a bit rusty so after that we stayed out of his way and decided to pick up all the little broken bits of plastic once he’d finished.  I went out – well, he was a bit scary – and by the time I came back we had a new box, a new router and a small pile of stickers with wireless keys and SSID addresses written on them.  Since then it’s been better even though it’s still slow, but at least we have it again.

I’ve been on holiday with Gordon for the second time this year so that was an event.  We went on a canal barge on the Kennet and Avon Canal, something I thought I’d hate.  Turns out it was wonderful – my camera and I loved it.  Gordon loved it too and since that was the reason we decided to go in the first place, all was good.  We went with four friends so shared the workload pretty well, especially when it came to jumping onshore and opening locks.

The following photos are a small selection of what we saw along the way.  If I posted them all my internet would definitely crash forever.  As it is, I’m sure it will take some time, but I hope you enjoy them.


The Caen Hill Flight.  We didn’t go through it but walked to the top instead.


Out of the way, moorhen!


Finally got some good photos of kingfishers in Bradford-on-Avon


Did someone mention bread?


No bread for this heron, but the occasional fish disappeared fairly quickly.


We moored on the edge of Bath in the early evening and walked into the city.  We were very lucky with the weather.


Gordon, 68 feet down the boat.  Our barge was called Sun Lark.


Reflections of the bridge in the canal.

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