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Our heifers started calving yesterday and two new calves were born, one male and one female.  The young mums came into the parlour this morning for the first time and were so overawed that they stood quietly throughout the whole process.  Sometimes this sets the trend for the rest of their milking life but often as soon as the novelty wears off they kick the units until they fall on the ground and refuse to stand still to allow us to put them on again.  That should be just in time for the weekend when I’ll be milking.  Lovely.  I can hardly wait.


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Busy busy

In the past couple of weeks I’ve resolved to do more around the house after suddenly realising that I don’t actually like the house very much.  This has been a bit of odd thing for me and I’ve given it lots of thought and decided it’s possibly because I’ve never considered it mine.  We inherited it from Gordon’s parents along with the farm and in my head I’ve always thought of it as theirs.  It hasn’t been for some time now and I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m the only person who can do anything about that.  Those of you who visit regularly will have realised some time ago that I’m not particularly domesticated even though I enjoy that side of things.  To that end I’ve been both cleaning and baking for a while.

Today before breakfast I made fresh coleslaw and since then I’ve made an apple cake and a steak and mushroom pie, both of which smell delicious. 

The pie looks pretty good, even if I say so myself.  That’s dinner this evening taken care of.


Shame you can’t smell it.

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