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Gordon likes to feed the birds in the garden and this robin was hanging around for a long time, making a lot of noise about waiting in the queue.  I think it may have been taken through the window which is why it’s slightly fuzzy.



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Why is it that whenever I see a teasel I have an overwhelming urge to turn it into a little hedgehog figure complete with bonnet and frock in a lovely Laura Ashley fabric?  I’m obviously a child of the seventies – and how did this idea ever become so popular?  Do you remember, everyone had at least one teasel-hedgehog figurine didn’t they?  Was that true everywhere or was it just the people I knew?

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I’ve decided that part of my new year should involve contributing to my blog more often, but of course being a farmer I don’t get out much (:D).  When I do go somewhere I like to take a gozillian photos as you’ve probably noticed so thought I’d trickle-feed them onto my blog for those times when I’m going a bit stir-crazy and have nothing else of interest to tell you.  These were taken on a woodland walk back in November.

DSCN4316 DSCN4303 DSCN4299 DSCN4297 DSCN4242 DSCN4237 DSCN4227

We were at Fyne Court, a National Trust property on the Quantocks on a cold and sunny day.

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Skeletons and Moss

I love this time of year when the weather is dry as there are so many chances to wonder around with a camera.  Today, if I was careful, I was able to dodge the showers and at one stage even felt the warmth of the sun on my back.


The bird bath looks less like a bath and more like a naturalised part of the garden.  During the summer I stood a large potted geranium in the middle.


I love this plant, which I think is called cow parsley at any time of the year but particularly once it has gone to seed.


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Happy New Year

How are you all and how was your Christmas?  I had a great time with both the girls here from Wednesday evening (Christmas Eve) until the Saturday morning so felt very loved, cosy and like a whole family which made a nice change.

Happy New Year to you all too.  I hope this year brings you only good things.  Have you made resolutions?  I gave it some thought and decided I wasn’t going to make resolutions as such, but there are several things I would like to do this year.

One is to understand my camera a little bit better and of course, the only way to do that is to play with it.  The moon has been huge in the past few days so I took photos on all kinds of settings that usually remain untouched.  I think with digital it’s so easy to fall into the trap of setting your camera on automatic and thinking that one day you’ll get creative when you have more time to fiddle about with priority shutter, manual settings etc, but never getting round to it.  However, the ‘winner’ for me was this one:


I was rather fascinated by the fact that my camera was powerful enough to photograph the craters around the edges of the full moon.  Frustratingly, not long after I’d cracked it and decided on the best settings the moon went behind a cloud and stayed there long enough for me to give up and come back into the warm.

Another thing I’ve done is signed up to become an Independent Stampin’ Up consultant and at some stage, when I get my head round it, I’ll be setting up either another page here to deal with that or another website with a link from here.  I’ve loved the products for a long time and did my first workshop yesterday where we had a play with them and made a couple of cards.  Over the last weekend I’ve also been making samples to take and display and here are some of my favourites:


I’ve always made cards and done other crafts too, but my blog hasn’t ever been particularly crafty so I’ll try not to overpower you with this new venture.  Having said that, if you’d like more information about it you’re welcome to contact me.

The price we receive for our milk has dropped yet again by a staggering 2.6p per litre.  It doesn’t sound like much but if you multiply that by how much milk we produce here it means a massive drop in our income.  We’ve calculated that since the Spring we’ve taken a drop of about 8p per litre and this is very scary.  Gordon is muttering about giving everything up and I think this time he may be serious.  Of course, he’s never one to rush into anything so even giving up could be years in the planning, but I think he’s reached a stage where he wonders why we’re bothering.  So much cheap milk and dairy products are coming from Europe at the moment that the British farmer is in a tight spot and unless the Government do something soon we could all be gone – at least the small family farm could be gone – within the next decade.  Our massive debts show no sign of being paid off when our expenses exceed our income every month and the only way to clear it would be to sell the cows, heartbreaking though that may be.

Til that happens I suppose we’ll just tick along like we always do.

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