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Hare Hunting

My friend Caroline (the artist) wanted to take photos of hares, but didn’t know where, so I mentioned we have them here.  I’m not one hundred percent convinced she believed me, but she came on Tuesday with her camera and we set off around the farm.  Didn’t see a single one!

She was a bit disappointed until Gordon, always the voice of reason, pointed out that the best time to catch hares (not literally) was very early in the morning or in the evening, so she set off again on her own since I was helping with the milking.  When she came back several hours later she was very excited to have seen and photographed a group of three hares and a fox, not together, obviously.  After some discussion she asked whether she could come again and we arranged that her husband could join her here later so we could get a takeaway.

On Thursday we both set off with our cameras at five o’clock.  Our ‘silent hunting mode’ was slightly wrecked when Lola tracked us down and bounded around for the next couple of hours, but on the plus side she did stir up a few sleepy hares and when they weren’t outrunning her (easily) we were able to take a couple of shots.







In this time the sun went down – very dramatically, it has to be said – so we were able to get a few good sunset shots too.


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