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A long time ago I decided if I wanted something done around the place I had to do it myself.  Today I finally realised that’s not strictly true.  If I want something done I need to start it myself or even suggest starting it and Gordon will invariably take over.  He can’t help it.  He has that kind of nature.  If he could split himself into a dozen people he would because he likes things done his way.

Yesterday I’d finally had enough of the state at the front of the house and decided to do something about it.  Lord knows I’ve asked Gordon often but somehow it just never happened.  Within a very short space of time the pressure washer appeared and he set it up, making a start on washing the concrete.  When he got a bit bored of that I took over, but he’d done quite a bit. 

We have a wooden picnic bench there and it had reached a stage where you could only really sit on it in old clothes, so I bought some garden paint in ‘Country Cream’ and announced at the end of the day that I would paint it today.  Gordon has an aversion to painted wood, but I thought that if I was going to do it, I’d do it how I wanted.  Lo and behold, a tin of timber care in rustic brown miraculously appeared from the shed, he’s upended the table, brushed it off and is busy painting it.  It isn’t the cream I would have liked, but at least it will look tidy.


I can’t believe I forgot he had that trait.  Now, what else can I start badly so he feels the need to show me how it should be done?


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