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The Moon by day


From one satellite to another – be sure to click on the photo and look at the detail. I took this a few days ago whilst out on another hare-hunting expedition.

Apologies for my absence – the internet has been terrible lately to the extent that we’ve decided to have satellite broadband instead and do away with both our BT internet and the landline.  We both have mobiles with generous allowances and although the satellite company tell us our internet won’t be much faster than about 22mbs, we’re currently receiving less than 1mb through the landline so I fail to see how it can possibly be any worse, unless it doesn’t work at all of course.

Since the computer doesn’t get turned on often any more I’ve been occupying myself with other things: gardening, wandering around with the camera and tracking down the family tree in an Ancestry.com app on my tablet.  My mother was extremely interested in the family tree and although we used to laugh at her enthusiasm, I now see what the attraction is!  It’s like being a detective, trailing through old birth certificates and census records.  So far my tree has hundreds of people since I keep going off in different directions, but of those hundreds I’ve only found one or two ‘interesting’ people.  One, in my mother’s family tree was deported for sheep rustling, made his fortune in Australia, came back for his family and promptly left again for Australia.  Another in Gordon’s mother’s family tree took his family to Canada in 1906.  Everyone else lived in this immediate vicinity and farmed, from what I can gather.  I found one soldier and one sailor in over three hundred people. It makes you wonder why we bother really, doesn’t it?  Generations of people all doing exactly the same and going nowhere.  At least three generations of Gordon’s family are buried in the local churchyard and after all that time we’re still in the same village.


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