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All Done

We finally finished silage making on Saturday although I wasn’t there for the grand finale as I’d arranged to do something else in the vain hope that we’d be all completed by then.  We weren’t but nearly, so between them Gordon and Dan picked up four more trailer-loads then sheeted down the pit.

As usual it’s left us drained and flopping about in a kind of anti-climatic state.  This year has probably been as bad as it gets although eventually the old forager settled into a pattern, stopped breaking down daily and just got on with it.  She doesn’t pick up anywhere near as much as the newer one and goes an awful lot slower, but it’s done.  We found it next to impossible to get anyone to drive for us this year so did all the jobs between us.  In an ideal world there would have been at least five people in total, but it was just the three of us most of the time and we multitasked.

Tomorrow sees Daniel leaving for a week-long break at the Glastonbury Festival.  This has become an annual break for him now and we were discussing it over breakfast this morning.  I reached the conclusion that at my age I need a little bit of luxury so roughing it in a tent with long-drop toilets shared by thousands of people would be more than I could stand.  If I need to see the performers I’ll watch the highlights on the tv, but somehow I suspect I’ll be catching up on my sleep instead so a few early nights are planned.

That and the paperwork!  Two and a bit weeks of not catching up with invoices has left me with a four inch stack of paper to sort through so that’s my priority today.

If I can stay awake long enough!


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Our new satellite system has finally been installed.  I was doubtful, but then I’m ever the cynic.  The installer came three times and the first time he spent nearly the whole day here trying to find a signal.  At one stage he even uttered those famous words “hmm, I’ve never known one be this difficult before”!  Story of our life really.  When he found a signal and installed stuff he had a ‘tah-dah’ moment and I raised an eyebrow and said “we’ll see”.  “No”, he said “it is actually installed”.  Again I said “we’ll see” and he laughed.  Poor fool.

The following day it stopped working.  It needed to be self-activated, it told me.  Strangely enough I’d watched the installer enter the self-activation code at least twice, possibly three times.  I rang the company and they gave me the code again.  It seems to be working for the moment.  Oddly enough, the old broadband has speeded up considerably and is outstripping the satellite equivalent since we have them both running until I get around to cancelling the contract.  It seemed premature to cancel it without having a little test run first, but I haven’t mentioned anything to BT so how do they know?  Do you suppose they’ve boosted our signal at the eleventh hour?

I may need to buy a new router.  I didn’t know I needed one to be honest since I know nothing about satellite broadband, but satellite guy tells me to think of the modem as ‘the phone line’ and this helps me to visualise it.  I still need a router attached to it to send out little wifi waves.  The only one I could lay my hands on at such short notice is ancient and although working, I feel this may be impeding the speed.  Does anyone know anything about this please?  Any advice will be gratefully received.

We’ve been silage making this week, but definitely limping along.  We had two major breakdowns on our first day, one with the mower and the other on the large forager.  The forager seems to have broken the gearbox so short of the engine blowing up it’s as bad as it could be.  The old girl came out of retirement, we brushed the cobwebs off (literally) and Gordon spent the day oiling everything back into life.  She rattles along and has ‘a knock in her coffin box’ whatever that means, but I know she feels out-of-sync so much that she sways from side to side.  It took me over an hour to get my land-legs back when I climbed down at the end of the first day.  It’s like being onboard a boat, but at least it is picking up the grass.  Today rain has stopped play, but the rest of the week is forecast to be better.  I hope so – Dan is off to Glastonbury at the beginning of next week and I have commitments on Saturday.

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There is no title for this post because I tried to think of one and failed.  If I was pinned to the wall and forced to come up with something in a hurry it would be ‘really?’ but I’m pretty sure I may have used that before on several occasions and I hate to repeat myself on purpose.

Anyway, the point is this.  You may have seen the commercial for a bank I think where people are handing out hints and tips for using the Internet?  Someone suggests that when on selling sites it sometimes pays to spell what you’re looking for incorrectly just in case the seller has.  Years ago I saw (on freecycle) someone offering a ‘chester draw’ and although I was initially mystified I realised fairly quickly they meant ‘chest of drawers’.  I wondered then whether this would become a new term since unless you see it written down, that’s what it sounds like.  This would be a kind of evolution in the English language.  People would be asking themselves who Chester was and why a set of drawers was named after him. 

Go to ebay when you have a minute and put it in the search box.  There are loads! It has already become a term.

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