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Morning Star

So, it’s been a while and quite a lot has happened, but only in a casual kind of way.

We bought ourselves a new freezer in the end as the KnowHow repairman reckoned ours was a write-off.  The new one is shiny and black in the same style as the one we had before, but this time we took the optional insurance so it’s covered against faults or accidents for the next five years.

Our cows are calving at the rate of at least one a day and we are getting a heifer one day, bull the next.  It’s fine, we have enough followers here now to see us out.  If we decide to sell up we have a lovely herd of pedigree British friesians and that’s fine too.  This morning we decided to rename one.  You may recall they’re always named after their mothers but some of the older herd names have disappeared so we reintroduced Star to the herd.  Her mother’s name is Jenny and we have lots of those and since she was born in the morning I wanted to be fanciful and call her something beautiful so she’s called Withyend Floyd Morning Star.  It sounds like a proper pedigree name, doesn’t it?

Last weekend I went with friends to Cornwall where we spent most of the time dodging the rain, especially on Sunday.  Saturday was the best day of the three we spent there but we only walked along the coast or around the town.  It was a lovely weekend despite the rain.  We stayed in a B&B there called Bridgeside Guest House, which I can thoroughly recommend.  The only problem with Cornwall in the summer (other than the rain) is the noise of the seagulls, but then I suppose you have to expect that!




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Yesterday evening when Gordon went to the freezer for ice cream he discovered it was slush.  When we investigated further we discovered that the entire contents of the freezer was in fact slush.  The freezer was telling us on its front panel that all was well, but it lied.  It is broken as is the attached fridge and everything was warm.  Some of it was way warmer than it should have been and I emptied everything no longer edible into a large bucket which went out in the compost bin.  We rang the insurance company only to discover that we had an excess of £100 and although we lost quite a bit, there’s no way we lost £100 worth of food so decided not to bother.

The next hurdle came when we tried to find someone to repair it.  Most have a waiting list and the nearest repair company can’t see us for at least a fortnight.  A fortnight!!! Without a main fridge?  We have a small back-up fridge which struggles to keep things cool but we figured it was cooler than the main fridge and perishables have gone into there.  The repair man we finally found is coming from KnowHow, the company that deals with Currys and PC World, but even they can’t make it until Tuesday.  They’re very expensive – not just KnowHow, but everyone – so this will be the last time we bother to repair it.  Last time the compressor failed and it looks like we have a gas leak now, but to replace it with a similar model is about ten times as much as the repair costs so at the moment we don’t have much of a choice.

It’s been an expensive couple of months with domestic appliances once again.  We often find they fail in threes and have already replaced the washing machine so far this year.  Something small would do for the third one please – maybe the toaster?

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Here Be Dragons

Or at least, dragonflies and they’re laying eggs.  This one is an Emperor Dragonfly I think which usually lays eggs directly into the water.  The eggs are protected by jelly and once the eggs have hatched they become ugly little larvae.  Sadly, this beauty will probably only live for a couple of weeks, but they’re something to see when they’re swooping up and down the ditches.

From what I read, they’re tricky to photograph as they rarely stay still, even eating on the wing, so I was lucky to catch this one whilst she was otherwise occupied.




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