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Calving Again

Excuse my absence, I’ve been busy doing nothing again.  Well, that’s not strictly true, but sometimes it feels like it.

Dan is on holiday in Portugal and I have to say, this week has gone very very slowly.  Since yesterday five cows have rejoined the herd following calving (three heifers, one bull, one stillborn) and two very old cows have gone on, one of which was born in 1997 and the other in 1999.  The old girls were barren and suffering with their feet so were taken away in the morning.  As usual, we both felt guilty but we can’t keep them in discomfort like that.  Two of the new heifers are coincidentally called Nancy and one is Margaret.  The bull calf is an Alexander.

Over the weekend we had visitors to stay.  Gordon has bought himself a motorbike – did I tell you this? – and we went to Newport to collect it some time ago.  We got on so well with the people selling it that we invited them to stay and I’m happy to report that after a weekend together we still get on well with them!  It could have gone the other way of course, but it felt as though we’d known them for years.  We took them to the East Huntspill Harvest Home which is always an interesting experience: five hundred people in a marquee with unlimited food, beer and cider.  To be honest, to me the organisation would be a nightmare but the Harvest Home organisers always manage pretty well.  There was meat – so much meat – and salad followed by home-made trifles – proper, like-your-granny-used-to-make trifles.  The only downside of the day was the sogginess of the ground as the marquee was erected in a field and I had a lot of trouble sitting evenly on my chair which sank about six inches into the ground on its skinny legs.  Every-so-often I had to stand up to pull it out and set it on the surface again and I noticed a lot of other people doing the same.  I’m convinced I got the boggy spot but I’m not sure how the chap behind me managed on a chair with the left side so deep in the ground that he was twisted throughout his meal and about two inches lower than the table.  The atmosphere was cheery though and we chatted to everyone around us.  We left at about 3.45 pm as we had to milk and by the time the evening arrived we were too tired to go back, but by then most people are fairly drunk and rowdy anyway.


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