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Do a thing

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  I usually resolve not to, refusing to jump on the bandwagon and suffering the remorse when I forget all about them in a very short space of time.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it this year though.  While I’ve been milking every morning I’ve given it a bit of casual thought and think my New Year’s resolution might be to ‘do a thing’ every day.  I often think that perhaps I’ll bake tomorrow or organise a cupboard but when the time comes I make an excuse or forget all about it.  Consequently I have frozen fruit in the freezer for when I get round to making jam and a whole heap of stuff waiting to be listed on ebay to name a couple of things – there are many other things waiting to be done.

The thing is, I need to make a decision to do it and then just do it instead of getting distracted or finding something else to do.  Does everyone do this?  I refuse to believe I’m the only person with this problem, but I do know I have it pretty bad.

Consequently and in preparation of a bit of organisation I bought a shoe rack online last week. It came yesterday and I spent almost the whole day assembling it, sorting my shoes which were in the bottom of the wardrobe, sorting my clothes into the space created at the bottom of the wardrobe and generally tidying.  I felt very happy with the end result and was surprised at how satisfying it was.  I even threw things away.

Today I made wholemeal bread with my stand mixer and the dough hook.  I’ve been meaning to do this since I had the mixer for my birthday in 2014, but never got round to it.  It took me less than quarter of an hour.  Quarter of an hour for goodness sake! Then I let the dough prove on top the aga covered with a damp cloth until it was big, stuck it in the oven for twenty minutes and voila!  Bread.  Rather good bread actually, some of which we had with tea.  After that I got a bit carried away and thought I might make scones.  Well, I made something following the recipe but it didn’t look like scone mix to me so I improvised and ended up with something like baked dumplings that taste a bit scone-like, but that’s ok.  Maybe next time?

I haven’t decided what my thing will be tomorrow but maybe I should make a list so I can have the pleasure of ticking things off.  It will be an incredibly long list!  Things done already and the year has yet to start! 


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Just a quick one

You may have noticed my blog has been ‘resting’ during December and I wish to hell I’d decided to do the same thing.  I’m not really AWOL – more like regrouping – but just so flippin’ weary.

In November (following a punch-up with an inanimate object), Daniel broke a bone in his hand and hasn’t been able to milk since.  This means I’ve been up before the sun for about six weeks and milking on a regular basis.  The doctor originally told him to stay home but that lasted for about two hours until he got bored and appeared in our kitchen.  I’m sure there are all kinds of implications – Health and Safety and insurance being just two of them – as to why he should be resting safely at home, but he’s used to working and gets bored quickly.  We had a reshuffle whereby I milk in the morning while the boys do outside things like feeding, cleaning and bedding-up, Gordon milks in the afternoon, Dan does outside stuff and I occasionally feed the calves if he’s busy.

We haven’t had anything calve for a little while and all calves are gathered in for the winter.  The youngest seven are still being bucket-fed and a further five are in a larger pen but not yet weaned.  In total this year we’ve had fifty heifers and there have been serious discussions about actually selling some of them – we haven’t sold any but we have talked about it.  For Gordon this is progress as he doesn’t even like selling the old/lame/barren ones from the herd and has to be persuaded to let them go.  The year before our first bull (Ferdinand) came into the herd we had a total of three heifers born with many bulls or Hereford/freisian crosses so this figure is what we were aiming for at the time.  Floyd is coming to the end of his time here as his eldest daughters are due to start calving in April after spending the summer with Felix the Red and although he’s still ‘functioning’ (unlike Ferdinand, you may recall) he isn’t so good on his legs and may have to go to slaughter rather than as a stud bull.  We’ll decide nearer the time.

I hope you all had a good Christmas Day?  Both the girls came home and Christmas Day was lovely this year.  The Aga behaved itself for a change and Christmas lunch was cooked just when it was supposed to be.  We all had presents we were pleased with and spent a lot of the day talking.

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you again in the New Year I expect.  Hope it’s a happy one for all of us.

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