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The Best Laid Plans

We’ve switched bulls again and sadly Floyd went off to market on Monday along with three barren cows.  They were taken in a lorry but Dan went to the sale in the afternoon to see how they did.  Quite well, is the answer although Dan was quite sad when he came home.  This is why Gordon and I won’t actually take them ourselves – we’re obviously too soft.  Felix the Red is now in play although currently ensconced with about forty heifers on the riverbank.  He was originally turned in with eleven and the last of those calved this morning.  We’ve had a fairly mixed bunch: male, female and stillborn, but following a discussion between the three of us we decided all calves born to Felix this year should be sold.  For the first time ever we find ourselves in a situation where we have enough followers to keep us going for the foreseeable future and even before Felix’s offspring arrived we’d already had twenty heifers.  Also, we worked on the theory that if we sell his daughters for the first year we’ll be able to keep him longer before he starts serving them and needs to go.

That plan seemed excellent in theory.  This morning there was a spanner in the works in the form of the last heifer’s calf.  Do you remember the little red calf born some years ago?  She’s been in the herd for several years now and her own daughter calved this morning.  Of course, she has the red genes and Felix is red, so we now have a conundrum in the form of this:


Excuse the terrible photos, they were taken with my phone.  She’s an Alexandra and red.  Red, for goodness sake!  Gordon and I both love red friesians so it looks like she’ll be staying.  Isn’t she adorable?  The trouble is, this was not in our plans at all.




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