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Hasn’t it been hot this month?  Terri and I have been out and about courtesy of Groupon (discounted tickets) and our first port of call was the Bishop’s Palace in Wells.  We’ve lived near Wells all our lives but never been around the Palace or gardens even though we’ve walked around the outside many times.  I’m not really sure why we never made it past the gates as once we did we spent a long time in there.  The gardens contain the ‘wells’ or springs that gave Wells its name and although I don’t know how big the grounds are, they’re beautifully laid out in a series of gardens.

I took lots of photos!  When do I not?  The bees are out in force and I can’t resist a good bee photo.


Today we went to the Bishop’s Walled Garden in Cannington where I repeated the experience.  I hope the bees avoided the last plant as it is sticky and bug-eating.  I’m not sure it could manage a bumble-bee, but I’m sure it would have a good attempt.


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