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Hospital Visits

Since the last time I caught up and, if you remember, was kicked in the boob, I’ve had even more beating-about farm-wise.  On Gordon’s birthday at the beginning of October we turned our new bull Felix in with the main herd (not because it was Gordon’s birthday, but just because Felix is coming up to four years’ old and it was about time) and in the afternoon when I went to fetch them in, he pinned me in the corner of the yard between the gate and a wall.  I think this was ‘affection’ and his way of saying hello, but a tonne of bull head-butting you in the back isn’t good.  By any stretch of the imagination it really isn’t.  This is the cute ‘little’ chap I used to take for walks a couple of years ago and I think he was excited to see me.  That or he wanted to kill me!  I was keeping my eyes open for him, but he snuck up on me.  At the time the thought crossed my mind that this was it, game over.  The second thought was that I had to keep my footing regardless, because if I slipped down I definitely wasn’t going to make it and would be stomped to death.

Fortunately I had a piece of plastic pipe in my right hand and whilst he head-butted my left side I was able to catch him a couple of times on the face.  The surprise sting made him pull back just long enough for me to get through the gate and bolt it behind me.  I made it a couple of yards before ending up on my knees.  Felix proceeded to bang against the gate behind me for about ten minutes!  I rang Gordon who was out in the tractor and he came as quickly as he could, talking to me on the phone the whole time as I think he was worried I’d pass out.  As soon as he got there he rang for an ambulance and thus I had my first ever ride in one accompanied by Alex, who was home for the weekend.  The technicians (not paramedics apparently) were excellent and once at the hospital I was x-rayed all over: pelvis, spine, left arm and ribs.  Nothing broken, but everything very bruised and hugely swollen, which of course went black afterwards.  They also tested my kidneys in case they’d been damaged in the squash.  Steph and Gordon came to fetch me later in the evening, but it had spoiled all the plans we had for Gordon’s birthday, so he picked up a takeaway on the way home!  The following weekend Steph had arranged for us to go to the Harry Potter studios as an early birthday present for me and originally I intended to drive.  Of course I wasn’t able to, but I was determined not to miss it and she did a brilliant job of getting us there.  It’s just as well because we had a great time.

The swelling has gone now but I’m left with a lot of numbness in my back which the doctor says may go away.  We’ll have to wait and see.

About ten days ago Gordon went for a routine prostate biopsy as he does every two years and somehow they managed to nick a blood vessel which caused him to haemorrhage, so he ended up in hospital for the night.  I found that even scarier, especially since we’d come away from the hospital and I had to rush him back to A&E.  He actually blacked out in the car on the way back which caused me a bit of panic.  He’s brushed the whole thing off, saying it was nothing really, but I think he lost quite a lot of blood before they could stop it.  They hooked him up with a saline drip but didn’t replace the blood so once he was home he was tired for a while.  I think the last thing the doctor told him was to take a fortnight off work, so of course he did the complete opposite and was back to work by the following afternoon.  Dan was especially cross at him for ignoring what he’d been told, but previous experience told me keeping him indoors would be impossible.  He had pleurisy years ago and was given the same advice, but that lasted for two days before he was bored and ready to go back outside, so the conclusion we draw from this is that he really isn’t very good at being told what to do.

It was my birthday this week and fortunately it passed without incident!  Both the girls came home for the weekend and we had a small gathering on Saturday evening.  Now the girls are back to their respective homes and the rain has set in.  Life is back to normal.




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