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A poem by Jackie Boyer

“Stay with me, I need you” she said
“I need your company and conversation.
I need you to help me with my tasks.
I just need you to be here.”

“I can’t” he said. “I have things to do.
Important things that cannot wait,
Things that are maybe as important as you,
Things I must do now.”

“OK”, she said “but I’ll miss you.
I’ll miss having your company.
I’ll miss not having anyone to talk to
Or help me with my tasks”.

“Sorry” he said.
The next time he said “I can stay now.
My important things are done.
I have nothing else to do.”

“I don’t want you now” she said.
“Because you weren’t here I did my tasks alone
And I coped. I don’t need you any more.
You don’t need to stay.”

I’m not generally given to writing poems, but in the forager there’s not much else to do and things pop into my head so I thought I’d capture this while it was fresh!

By the way, we’ve finished the silage-making.  At last!


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