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I started the day with the milking and although it was almost as cold as yesterday, at least it was dry. 

We all agreed that the Pudding Evening was a great success last night.  The conversation, wine and custard flowed equally well.  Gordon and I decided this morning that our hostess had made a fantastic job of the choice of puds and we’d enjoyed them all.  It was a good idea. 

The photo is of their dog, Loki, who is manic about shadows, pounces on them like a cat and tries to dig them up!  Unfortunately, he’s a Rottweiller in a small room and there are many shadows in a roomful of people.  He also has a thing about flashes on cameras (probably because it casts instant shadows) so taking a photo of him being still was a tricky operation.  The only ‘decent’ one I managed to get was blurry, although Alex’s legs in the background were in perfect focus.  I think my camera is a bit reluctant at the moment and the focus is slower than it used to be.  It’s pretty much an antique as far as digital cameras go, but still takes a very good photo.  I’d also left it on very low resolution after my photo session for ebay the other day so last night’s efforts were smaller than usual.

Easter Monday is almost over and that’s Easter done for another year.  I spent the day watching the television but only things I’ve recorded and not got around to seeing.  Consequently, I’ve had a ‘Larkrise to Candleford’ kind of day.

We thought it would be nice to finish the day with a Chinese takeaway so Steph is ordering it now and I’ll collect it in a while.



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Boring Day


I decided to carry on with my downsizing today, especially after hearing that there’s going to be a Jumble Sale soon.  I love an excuse to get rid of all my rubbish, which is probably why I enjoy Freecycle – or rather I did, until a couple of weeks ago when I got messed about over collection for about a week.  It’s kind of put me off a bit at the moment.  I have stuff that could go, but I can’t keep waiting in for people who say they really want it, only for me to keep chasing them up for ages. 

Consequently because of the sorting out and the very cold weather I haven’t taken any photos today so thought I’d show you another one of that sunset at the beginning of the week.  This was taken from inside a building and gives an interesting effect, I think. 

When the weather’s cold like this all I really want to do is hibernate!

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I suppose most old farms have abandoned places, and this is probably one of the oldest lurking around on ours.  This building is part stone, part brick, part breeze-block and even has the odd bit of hardboard, doubling as wall.  If I was a person who knew about buildings I might be able to make something of the structure – one stone wall even has an archway that seems to disappear into the ground, perhaps over a ditch at some stage.  The roof has been replaced with a modern equivalent, but even that has given up the ghost and collapsed under the weight of moss and grass growing on it.  The trees grow through it, causing the walls to be even more fragile.  Maybe one day we’ll knock it down and replace it or build it up and restore it.

 Who knows?

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