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Since I’ve Been Gone

Monday 13 September 2010

I didn’t realise the time had gone so quickly, but since I’ve been gone we’ve been shopping for more uni stuff for Steph, had another friesian heifer born (Jenny), had our twenty-third wedding anniversary with a BBQ to celebrate, got everything ready for Steph to move to Cheltenham next Saturday, had an extended visit from Alex who came home last Wednesday and went back this morning, started our second-cut silage as well as various outings, expeditions and lunches!  I’ve hardly been home for the past couple of weeks.

On Thursday I’m off to Portugal with friends for a week like I did last year.  Stephanie is moving herself to Cheltenham with Alex’s assistance once she gets there.  I feel really bad about this because I would have liked to help her.  If she’d stuck to her original plan she would have been starting at university a week later and I could have done so, but I’ve promised to visit her once I’m home.

I’ll take lots of photos while I’m gone and will post a few of them here.  I’ll be back at the end of September.

Catch you then.


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