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Some of our cows have started calving in the past week and so far they have all had heifers.  We’ve had two sets of twins but sadly the first set were a male and a female although the male was stillborn.  We’ve decided we’ll keep the heifer anyway and if she doesn’t get into calf in future years she can go then.  The second set are both heifers but one has no tail!  Another mutant, which is sad.  A fellow farmer has warned us that this sometimes means their bowel isn’t formed properly and they’re unable to poop so we’ll have to watch her carefully just in case.

The girls are coming home this evening, or possibly tomorrow morning as it’s Stephanie’s birthday on Friday and we’re having a small family gathering.  I’m quite excited to see them as usual and plan to have a girlie shopping day before the big day.

My weight loss continues much to my surprise, mainly because I’m amazed I’ve been able to stick to it for so long. I’ve now lost somewhere in the region of thirty-seven pounds.  Everything fits so much better, but then, why wouldn’t it?  I’m eating real food on occasions now but am trying to manage my portion control so I don’t pile it all back on again.


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