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Monday 12 August 2013

It’s OK, I know I’ve been gone for ages, but it isn’t because I gave up on the computer.  I’ve decided I actually quite like Windows 8 even though my older (and really, really favourite) programs won’t run on it.  The reason I delayed upgrading was because I’d heard so many bad things about it, but now having used it for a while it seems as simple as any of the other versions.

Last week I went on a picnic with a group of friends I’ve known since school.  One of my friends is the ‘organiser’ and usually picks somewhere quite interesting, and this time we went to a place I haven’t been to since I was at school!  We expected it to be busy as there are picnic tables and barbeque areas, but apart from a group of young girls in posh frocks we were all alone.  I took my camera along for the ride – well, when don’t I? – and managed to ‘catch’ this squirrel.  I know he’s not red and grey squirrels are supposed to be ‘the enemy’ but he’s still cute.





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