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Wednesday 10 April 2013

I find it hard to believe I’ve not blogged for such a long time, but I’ve been proof-reading Steph’s dissertation as well as an assignment for a friend on a management course, running things at the farm, receiving visits from the girls, getting another cold – YES! another one, and of course, going off to The Manor House Hotel in Okehampton.  Sadly there was no creative embroidery, but I made a rather good enamelled brooch for me, an olive oil bottle for Gordon and mugs for the girls with their names on them.  I know they’re both pretty grown-up now, but you can’t beat a mug with your name on it – or can you?  Steph liked it whereas Alex liked it so much she left it behind when she went back to Cheltenham although oddly enough she took the Easter egg I put with it.  Of course, this could mean she liked it so much she wanted to keep it exclusively for when she’s here?

I’m off on Friday with a friend who has a static caravan near Durdle Door in Dorset; she asked me if I fancied a weekend away as her husband’s off canal-clearing.  When Gordon started to pull his ‘I’m being abandoned’ face again I reminded him that my friend and her husband had invited us more than once to go and stay as a couple, but he’d kept making excuses.

Mind you, last summer was nothing to write home about.


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